EGG-citing and EGG-ceedingly embarrassing day

So, the press agency liked my 6 double-yolker egg pic and put it out to the press and on Tuesday 2nd Feb everything went bonkers and it was all over the press, radio and blogs and Twitter etc. I am not at all sure its something to be proud of, but it made for an interesting day or two. I even got photographed at home for the papers by a proper photographer (thankfully not used in the end).
The interest was around the whole concept of probability and chance and maths and statistics.
Trillion to one indeed!
Our six double-yolkers that made it into the press - all over the place

Here are the clips of the radio coverage – even Radio 4s Today programme.
A mention on Chris Evans Breakfast show
Almost an entire debate on probability on the Today Programme on BBC Radio 4
And interviewed on BBC Radio Cumbria

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