Happy Birthday to Hector

LOTS of surprises for Hector for his 50th this weekend.

His birthday day quiet together and lunch in town. My present for him of a first delivery of a 12 bottle case of real ale – the first of one-a-month for a whole year, went down great. He LOVED it.
Beer box birthday gift

The snow that has layered thickly on the ground since mid-December has started to thaw but its still really icy.

At tea time Fiona arrived and he was surprised, then Chris got here and we had a lovely evening, talked and talked and had a bowl of chili with garlic bread for supper. We each came up with our definitive list of 6 fantasy dinner guests (alive or dead, and noted them down for future reference. They included, Elizabeth I, Dara O’Brien, Martin Luther King, Karl Marx, Arthur C Clark, Mozart, Alan Bennett, Clint Eastwood, Michael Palin and Tony Benn. Wonder what our lists say about us!?!
We were up sprightly by 8.30 and piled into our car. H STILL unaware of our plans…. Chris joked that we were on our way to the Farne Islands to see the seals. H believed him! We only went to the station at Lazonby and set off for Ribblehead. We did manage NOT to let H in our destination! At Ribblehead we slithered in snow that was still thick and white up there on the hills and after only a short while settled ourselves in the pub there. An hour or so later my final surprise was the arrival of H’s brother Kev (Ross was meant to be with him but had not been able to make the train). I think that was his best surprise of all. What a happy looking Hector! We all ate ourselves into a stupor before staggering and slipping back up to the station to wait for the train home. Kev heading East and us West.

ChrisIntrepid pub goers
Our leaderS'no laughing matter Fiona
What YOU doin here?A glassful of glowing grain
Lit station at RibbleheadTime to go our separate ways home

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