Midnight luminescence

While Hector sipped a pint or three at the pub I wandered off home after a Baileys and got ready for bed.
I looked out the window and it was so beautiful I threw on some clothes again and dug out the old tripod and crunched my way over the fresh snow into the churchyard. I wasn’t scared at all – in fact I find the churchyard rather peaceful and soothing. I was out there for half an hour. The moonlight was strong and luminous, the stars bright shiny twinkles and the snow glowed. A very special sight.
Froze me toesies getting these shots… Brrrrrrr. I’ll be looking up on ‘tinterweb’ how to take pics at night successfully.
Almost midnight 1st Jan 10. Lunar light on the graveyard
Midnight lunar luminescence and snow

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