My recommendation for a ‘man creche’ – a pub!

It was really nice to go to Carlisle together on the train on the Settle-Carlisle line. It was so pretty in the snow under a blue sky. Town was busy but not frighteningly so.
After leaving H at the man-creche (ie. the pub!) I shopped for a couple of hours – using my big Boots gift voucher to buy a top of the range electric toothbrush and also spending some times getting advise from Jessops on the damage to my camera sensor. Good advise – but the upshot (get the pun? up SHOT?? Camera?.. shot?) is that I will probably have to save up and buy a new camera rather than pay several hundred to fix it. Hey ho.

The ice is still really thick. There has been no thaw in well over a week and compacted snow is now just sheer ice. The roads are treacherous and the footpaths scary. When we got off the train and walked down the lane to the village H helped another lady and I negotiate the ice to the roadway as we teetered our way down the slope.
An attempt to de-ice our front pathSettled for the evening

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