My 15 minutes (well whole day really) of FAME

WHAT a day! My name all over the press and on the radio. And all because a press agency picked up some pictures I took in 2008 of starling flocks. Its been a very exciting day and it set my head spinning. I was a bit disappointed that the more tabloidy papers made the photos into a ‘witty’ story about the shape the flock made, but thankfully my name was missed off quite a lot of these. Getting a photo into the Telegraph was great though (snob? I suppose so – I’ll hold my hand up to that)

Some of my starling photos have been in the national press today. Star, Sun, Mail, Mirror, Telegraph, Express, Daily Record. AND I get paid for the images too.

THEN I was interviewed live on Radio 2 by Jeremy Vine.
J Vine web page featuring my photo and link

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