Folked-up Punk, fells, farms and festival fun at Dent

Poems, laughter, welly dancing, hot and humid, PunkyFolk, storms and charcoal sausages.
We had a LOVELY day at the Dent Festival Nestling in a large field under the glorious fells and landscape of the Cumbrian Dales near Sedbergh. Its just a little festival, informal and family friendly. It was very hot and damply muggy but the 5 hours in the main marquee flew by.
The fells and dusk sky above Dent FestivalSunny day at Dent Fesitval
Excentricity at Dent FestivalMarquee and sky at Dent Fesitval

First we saw one of our favourite festival treats, the jolly, hysterically funny and charming Keith Donnelly and Les Barker. Then there was Black Umfolosi – 5 guys from Zimbabwe with acapella voices like molten honey and dancing in their poetic, expressive way and later, in wellies!
Keith Donnelly at Dent FestivalBlack UmfolosiWhat a mane of man hair
Black UmfolosiAudience participation in "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"

Ade Edmondson and the Bad Shepherds were the highlight of the day for us. They were utterly brilliant. Ade is still the comic, but he is a darn good musician too and his band made up of some of the best folk musicians in the UK. It was all punk, old punk, punk from the heyday of punk, but all played as folk. It works superbly. Even small children were pogoing! Since the gig Ade himself has emailed me to ask if he can use some pictures for ther website and for a new promo poster. What a THRILL!
Ade Edmondson and Troy DonockleyAde Edmondson and Troy Donockley
Ade Edmondson
Troy DonockleyAde EdmondsonWhirling in dance

Before the thunder storm rolled in we got a bite to eat and a wander in the field before joining Heather and Alex to slosh about in sodden grass in the big beer tent and watch the torrential rain and lightning. As the evening session began the weather cleared and left just clouds of midges and a stunning sunset. We saw Tarras (an old fave of mine) and a little bit of Transglobalunderground (who I’m not that keen on) before heading home through a beautiful dusk.
Hector has a burger at DentJoss from TarrasLovely clouds after a storm

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