Ups and downs

Poor Hector has had my fluey cold too and was feeling pretty rotten all weekend and most of the week – not helped that for most of the week he was working late into the night on stuff going on at work. I felt iffy too and am still coughing after two weeks.

Work for me has been odd to say the least. Some bonkers stuff that you couldn’t make up! We have resorted to hysteria, but only by way of laughter – if we didn’t laugh we’d cry. Its also been unbearably hot – no fresh air and no ventilation. Awful.

I have two days leave this weekend – have been off today and had a relaxing day – but woke at 4 am with the worst migraine I’ve had for a very long time. Agony, and it made me sick too. Gruesome few hours. So, I’ve taken it easy…. Its been an odd day too because of learning of Michael Jacksons death last night. I wasn’t a fan – though I did like the Motown music from when he was a kid – but it is sad. He struck me as a fragile, damaged, troubled and lonely person.

We’ve got a good weekend ahead. Nothing but bimbling at home tomorrow and on Sunday some live music – pics and info later. It’ll be good to spend some time together after a tough week.

On Monday on my second day of leave, Sally and I are heading off to the Lakes and a steamer trip on Windermere followed by afternoon tea at the Samlings Hotel – sheer, total luxury. Can’t wait…. These pics are a taster of what we have to look forward to:

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