summer is a comin’ in – “tra la la la la”

Sun. 15th April
Lovely weather again so up and out early. To Glenridding – a village on Ullswater Lake. So like mid summer in the sun. Just lazed on the shore a while, Ross and He kicking a football about and more juggling practice. We’d have played with the remote control little plane but forgot the areal for it! Then He suggested a walk – so we set off up the fell behind the village to Lantys Tarn. It was a first hike up a Lakes fell for Ross. The first bit was a bit steep but the views were worth it. The Tarn itself was low on water (worrying for April) and the walk back down precipitous and fun. Its only around 3 – 4 miles but a good way to spend an hour and a half. Take a look at our film of the walk here (tho we forgot to film at the tarn itself. D’oh!) Stopped off at Pooley Bridge for a drink on the way back in case we got thirsty and sat by the river to play I-spy and met a lovely and fun young family. I wish it could be like this every day….
Sat. 14th April
Mid April and the swallows are back – today! Thats over two weeks ahead of last year. The blossom on the tree next to the house is fragrant and a glorious show of blooms. Ross is here too and the weather is amazing – like mid June. We had a late breakfast in the garden and spent the rest of the day outside. We only came in for the Grand National. The new swing seat is popular with Ross it seems…..
In the evening we had dinner in the garden and played I-Spy (He won hands down!) and took guitars outside too for a bit of a practice while it got dark.

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