The pleasure and joy of friends

What a lovely couple of days. Its kept me sane during a distinctly unpleasant and distasteful time at work.

Ross came to stay and its was good to have him fill up his room again (its half term) and Lolly also came over with her boyfriend, Lee, (our first time meeting him) – who is smashing. She brought belated Xmas gifts and WHAT gifts. A fantastic plush cushion to DIE for (velvet and silk applique) and the most gorgeous pink, rose patterned, Hunter wellies! A really lovely evening and a little toddle to the pub. Then on Friday evening Fiona and Chris came over and as ever a lively, funny, vibrant, warm, happy and gentle evening with comedy, BIG conversations and trivia too. If Chris called me a ‘silly Bint ‘once he called me it a dozen times. Joyful.

Chris and I were up early – like me he is an early riser and after a cuppa we left Hector and Fiona sleeping while we went into town for logs and kindling. Later I went off for a couple of hours and took a few pics… only a couple of miles away. H has galliantly spent some time sawing up wood and chopping sticks and generally hanging out in the garage. A delightful couple of days.

Pure white silvered gulls against dark clouds near Culgaith.
Gull spraying rash

Superbly laid hedge… signs of agriculture in front of the Pennines… fabulous morning sky….

hedge laying skillcontrast Tall spring sky  (365/253)

Yesterdays stunning golden sunrise…..

Layer (365/252)

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