F-f-f-f-f-friday at last

Has been a long week. It seems like H has been away for AGES. He’s back now so thats great. The weather has been odd all over the UK. Big problems in heavy snow. After Monday it didn’t snow here really but it has been awfully cold – minus 7 in a morning. Today has been glorious – clear and clean and cold and beautiful. The pond at the office was gorgeous – so, as the light changed with the sun moving across the sky I took photos in the changing light. The bright white snow on the ice, the poking stiff reeds, the blue of the tree shadows and later on; the thaw beginning at the edges.

Niege snow stripe iced-up pond Tuft on crystal (365/238)
Shadow pond stripe Tuft on crystal The Shape of Thaw
Spiky tufty tuft 1 Tufty stripe

Earlier in the week on the way home….Looking East to the pink Pennines and West to the setting sun.
Invitation to explore Me feets is frozz

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