deep and crisp and even

Hector was back at work on Monday and I had two extra days (using up hols from work from 2008). H was off to Sheffield on Tues morning and I did yet more wood burning stove research! Clarified a few points which was useful.
I didn’t sleep Tuesday night – a bit anxious about going back to work – but kept occupied watching late TV and getting up to watch the heavy snowfall which was a delight to see, so soft and heavy and pristine perfect.

I took photos of the snow falling from the doorstep…

Gently at the door (365/207)

Felt ok all Wednesday despite the lack of sleep and almost an hour trying to get to work through the snow but woke up feeling really ill in the early hours of Thursday. Severe pain and nausea. Slept on and off all day but no better. Was happy and relieved when H got back at 10 ish. Phew! Still felt grotty Friday but pain less so went to work. Took a trip to the docs that afternoon and had a long consultation that was a real comfort. Any anxieties I had about sick days from work in 2008 (7) were allayed by the Doc, with vehemence, and I’ll get all sorts checked out in the next week or two; thyroid, Bp, sugars, hormones etc. Also went away with a prescription for stronger migraine tablets and confirmation that I was suffering from stress (work related).

… and this photo of broken ice illustrated how I was feeling…

MIGRAINE (365/210)

Its still very cold and the snow is compacted on the ground and gorgeously crispy, though the country roads and our drive etc are sheet ice. The weekend bodes well though – with a few chores and this evening dinner at Sally and Campbell’s – really looking forward to it!

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