giacomo the gatecrasher

Giac has done his fair share of gatecrashing church events. Up to date, and those episodes that we know about are: he joined in the Remembrance Sunday service by wrapping himself around the legs of the congregation outside at the cross, and then climbing up the cross to say hello from above, then he was found snoozing on the pastors velvet-cushioned chair inside the church, then (and worst yet) he expressed rather too much curiosity during a burial and tried to drop into the grave onto the coffin. He’s tried to stowaway in peoples cars, and last year succeeded when Lolly found him sitting regally on her back seat 50 miles into a journey. He always walks with He and I to the pub – his ginger tail raised like a flag. Then he waits outside until he can escort us safely home.
In the last few days he’s been trying to come to terms with a new cat flap (there’s a new stable-style door on the back porch). A la Winnie the Pooh stuck-in-a-rabbit-hole-after-eating-too-much-honey.

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