mega birdage

Ice cold and crystal clear weather. Lovely.

I wanted to share the experience of seeing the massive starling flocks at Gretna with Hector, so mid afternoon we trundled up the M6 and parked up to wait for the party to begin. As we waited more people turned up to see the spectacle too and it nice to meet new folks. The flocks arrived in smaller pods, but unlike last time were a little way away and quite low in the sky, so the view wasn’t as good as last time, but it was still amazing.

The sun went down before the birds arrived……

Golden globe Sunset and starling layer-cake
Flocking over the motorway Flowing in the sky like mercury

And when we got home I tried a new pasta recipe (Gary Rhodes), tagliatelle, spinach, creme fraiche and brie. Y-y-y-y-yummy.

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