sugar juggling and spectacular sunsets

Our holiday from work is slip sliding away and I realised that already I can’t remember what we did the day before yesterday…. probably nothing. We aren’t very dynamic.
The wonderful set of curry/Indian cooking paraphernalia that Jamie and Becks gave us for Christmas got its first use and we made a curry from scratch. My dish was milder than He’s – obviously.
Yesterday I cleared some of the junk out of the garage though there’s still loads to do. We went to the Spa but it was packed to the rafters wtih noisy children who filled the pool and the whirlpool and even the sauna. I left He at Spa and drove up to the hill above Penrith and took pics of the sunset. It was beautiful up there, golden sunlight and crisp frost. I took the pic of the Pennines and the radar station on Dun Fell too – the clouds over the crest of hills was like a purple breaking wave.

Dusk from above Penrith towards Ullswater and Lake District Fells The radar station on Great Dun Fell

Comfort winter food for dinner in the form of minced steak and crispy-topped dumplings. I may not be a gourmet cook but my dumplings are superb! (Ooo err missus!) While cooking, and having been clumsy all my life, I was taking something from the top shelf of the cupboard and knocked the box of sugar cubes which tumbled out scattering the hard cubes onto me and the floor and the cooking I was doing and most amusingly, filling the toaster with the now crumbling cubes of sugar. Did He laugh? Oh yes. Did he come whizzing through to help clear it up? Well, yes he did….

Today its lovely weather again, but as He is on call at work we are staying around the house. I’ll probably watch back-to-back Cary Grant films. Wonderful.

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