crimbo – promenades of outdoor caroling and PRESSIES!

With good friends and a welcoming country pub we had a lovely Christmas Eve. At Sally’s we tasted her home seeped Damson Gin and Raspberry Vodka (yum) and then I joined the other ladies and Jess to share in the Kirkoswald villages nativity promenade and carol singing as it wound its way up the hill via two inns with no room for Mary and Joseph, and on to a field with angels and shepherds and to the chapel for the manger. It was delightful. Later we wandered to the pub and got chatting to some other festive folks. A nice time.

The most beautifully decorated cottage I ever saw…..Some of the lovely lights at Kirkoswald

Kirkoswald lights

Crimbo Day!
I got up early to light the fire so it was cozy for pressie opening and we lazily enjoyed the plenty that was the gift-opening! He loved his bass guitar – a hit there I think! He gave me a wonderful new Crumpler bag for my MacBook laptop and loads of other goodies.

It was very entertaining watching Frank open his gift from Lis.

....and a bit of a struggle... ...but he's not givng in...

At 12 we got the the Eden Hall Hotel for our Christmas lunch. It was lovely food and a real treat. Then we fell asleep snuggled on the sofa together while supposedly watching ‘Pirates of the Carribean’….

Satisfaction Cheers
Wine bootle image on He Just spotted the beef for lunch Ooooh YUM!

And the highlight of the evening? Wallace and Gromit “A Matter of Loaf and Death” – delightful!!

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