Our new sofas arrive this week. Big squashy sofa and armchair and big pouffĂ©. Can’t wait.

Tempus Fugit!
Another week gone by. He was in Sheffield for a couple of nights and had a great time with his family when they all took his Mum out for a meal. A shame I couldn’t be there coz of work. Hey ho.

The weather turned very wintry and there were some extremely low temperatures and a few days of snow. The roads and lanes here weren’t cleared so any travel was slow and white-knucklesome.

Another weekend which stretched ahead promising quiet home time for He and I and disappeared in a flurry of nothing-to-write-home-about. Lovely and peaceful and good for the soul. A few photos taken – obviously. My best was this pic of a blue tit on the cherry tree in the garden, with wings outstretched. Its gone through some post-production to look like this!
Bluetit in flight (365/177)

Rose bud hard hit by the hard frost (365/171) First snow and Eden Valley flock (365/172) A cheese hat

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