fab weekend

A fiddly week at work but a weekend we have looked forward to.
The weather is clear and bright but very very cold and temperatures down to -5c. Pub on Friday evening and swim, gym, steam, sauna and whirlpool on Saturday and nothing else worthy of note – just cozy at home. Today has been a much-looked-forward-to lunch with my good friend Debs and hubby James at a hotel near Lancaster and a chance to meet their beautiful 4-month old son Asa. He’s a lovely baby and it was wonderful to see them. A happy few hours. Nice lunch too….
Asa Asa with his Mummy, Debs (365/170) Asa with his Daddy, James
Fi and AsaAfter lunch with Debs, James and Asa.
Some views lit up by a fantastic sunset on our way home.
Sunset by the M6 Mirror walls reflect sunset

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