A fantastic fun gift from He

The day before my birthday and an afternoon and evening out as a surprise trip courtesy of clever Hector. South down the M6 and a bit of a bimble about in the towns as we went and our eventual destination of Fleetwood. The real surprise (and he didn’t tell me until we had some supper at a local Pizza Hut) was to see ex-Free and Bad Company member Simon Kirke and a Free tribute band. What a lovely idea for a birthday treat! These bands were my favourites way back in the early and mid 70’s and it was an evening that was pure, indulgent nostalgia. Kirke is still a brilliant musician and this first acoustic set was great. Lots of blues and rock and super guitar playing. We’re going to dig out all my old albums from under the stairs and play them, and download some of them from iTunes too. Excellent evening babe! Thank you…….

Today is my birthday. Hector bought me a load of my favourite perfume – thats me set up for a whole year of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. Lovely – there’s no better pressie as far as I’m concerned. We are doing nothing except lounging in bed, reading, watching films, drinking tea and eating goodies. Later Sally and Jess are calling round. Tomorrow we’re off to another gig (Mike Sanchez Band – one of He’s faves) in Kendal via a visit to see Mum and Jane et al, and closing our short break from work by going out for dinner on Sunday evening.

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