very sad news

We’ve lost Tootsie. She was hit by a car earlier today. So sad. Her Tots are 6 months old today and she and Frank were SO very close, always together. Its heartbreaking. We’ll bury her in the garden later. Lots of tears….. She was gentle, quiet, dainty and a brilliant mother to her kittens. She was also only 18 months old herself and with us for only a year.
We had got used to the dual sound of the bells on their collars as they came upstairs in a morning to wait for us to feed them, and only last night the pair of them were in front of the fire cleaning one another and snuggled up. She would usually greet me when I came home from work and liked nothing better than to clamber up onto you to snooze. This is the last picture of them together. We’ll have to make sure Frank gets lots of attention – he’s going to feel it the most.
So sad....We've lost our Tootsie

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