Hector’s footie disciple? NO WAY!

Last year Hector refused to entertain the idea that I might join in with the pubs fantasy football league thingy…. So, it was very clever of him to use reverse psychology (albeit in 20/20 hindsight) and FORBID me to join in, with the result that I was VERY keen to give it a shot, NAY I practically begged him to let me.

Now. There’s a BIG point to make here. I am without doubt the most avid of football loathers. I mean I REALLY loathe it. If you were to ask me to listen to nails on a blackboard… Rather that than footie. How about going to the dentist? Nah – rather that than footie. SURELY I’d prefer to watch footie than eat raw onions. Wrong again. SO – it was with amusement that I used a new method of choosing a team. They all have Italian (well, mostly) names. Thats all, nothing more scientific than that.

I know less than ZIP about the game and care even less (though that IS changing – clever old Hector, getting me involved by a sneaky ruse). Anyway – week one and two saw H and I neck and neck (much to the amusement of everyone at the pub). Then I was ahead, then him, then this week I am STREETS ahead. Not only that but I actually heard some of the matches that were good for my players on the radio. Poor H; he doesn’t know whether to be pleased or miffed.

It might mollify him if I slip back behind him – though overall I am in the top 1/4 of the pub league. His own explanation is that if he is ahead it proves that knowledge and love of the game is the key. If I am ahead it proves that luck is the only factor. Either way he says his opinion is vindicated. We’ll see. WE’LL JOLLY WELL SEE.

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