FRED – out there ART in Cumbria

Lovely sunny weather, picnic in the magic-bag and a bimble about. First stop was the fantastic plastic-wrapped farmhouse. Is farming as we have always known it, all wrapped up? Wrapped in black plastic and bailer twine like a haystack, a whole farmhouse in the Eden Valley represents the plight of the hill farm.
Hector’s reflection in the all-wrapped-up plastic covered farmhouse at Sparrowmanwick. I love the way that his orange jacket matches the bailer twine and is framed in the tight constraining square.
Hector's reflection in all wrapped up - plastic covered farmhouse (365/107)

FRED is a 16-day Art Invasion across the whole of Cumbria. Over 60 artists from across the UK and beyond take their art out into the big wide world in Europe‚Äôs largest event of its kind. From the beautiful west coast to the unspoilt hills of the Pennines, from the Solway Firth to Morecambe Bay, FRED is everywhere…in the hills and on the walls, in the towns and the villages, on the bus and on the train…
FRED - wrapped up - plastic covered farmhouse All wrapped up

Then by winding routes and West across the county’s most gentle and lovely scenery to Hesket Newmarket and the Old Crown pub (the only village cooperatively owned pub in the UK). A video link to BARvarians at their own pub (in Bavaria). Pubs in Cumbria are twinned with counterparts in Bavaria through live video links. Pub-Twinning. Enjoy a pint with our Bavarian counterparts, transported into local pubs using a live webcam. Online regulars, propping up the bar 24 hours a day. FRED art at a pub, and the Crown at Hesket Newmarket at that! Weeeellll, what else could we do but stop off?!

FRED at Crown Hesket New Market

Then on via Mungrisedale (and the new love of my life the CUTEST pony ever) to Thirlmere… and then Keswick and Derwentwater….
White and tiny pony A director at work.... Trapped Sky over Derwentwater I'm the king of the castle From Derwentwater Bright n shiny water

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