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fauna &outdoors Fi | 23 Feb 2008 08:06 pm

a bit of a wild STARLING chase

Determined to see the majestic spectacle of a huge flock of starlings near Gretna we went late in the afternoon, got some gen from Tourist Info and parked up. While not seeing the expected huge flocks of starlings we got the car well and truly stuck in the mud of a verge near Gretna. On first trying to reverse out I had the window open and got plastered with mud. Funny? Oh yes! After trying a picnic rug under the stuck wheel to no avail, we tried digging around it and putting piles of dry sticks in – again no luck. We eventually got rescued by a red-haired Knight in a not-so-shining Volvo.

We saw a few small pods of the birds and in the distance larger flocks but not what I’d hoped for. Hey ho.

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