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fun:friends Fi | 03 Feb 2008 12:51 pm

quiz master general makes our night

Hector is such a great name, but after last night he has new ones…. Quiz Master General and B**t**d!
After postponing our New Year celebration with Chris and Fiona coz both Fiona and I were poorly, we reconvened yesterday. The four of us went to the Spa for a few hours of swim, whirlpool, steam room and chilling and, for the boys, watching Rugby on TV. Fiona and I swam and the boys gossiped and gossiped and gossiped… A lovely time had by all. Dinner was winter food of beef in beer, lovely cheesecake and lots of wine! Hector (now to be called Quiz Master General) had put together a brilliant quiz. All of it TV music intros in categories – sport, childrens, drama, 80s etc. It was brilliant! Laughed til I had hiccups. Instead of playing against each other we three collaborated and tried to get a score of 80%, but only managed 64%-ish. Chris was most impressed/dismayed with the questions and the evening was punctuated by him calling Hector a b**t**d. Funny? Oh yes? We’ve gotta do it again! Its always a great time with Chris and Fiona.

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