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Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 18 Nov 2007 03:07 pm

surprises! good friends + BIG pink cakeage!

When He said ‘lets go to the pub on Saturday instead…’ I didn’t think anything of it… after all we were going out with family on the Friday evening.

Saturday was like any other, a lie in and a few chores. He said he preferred to eat before going to the pub.. nothing strange in that either. He said he’d like to go out at 8. Again nothing strange.

At 7.55 I was in a dressing gown on the bed watching ‘Vicar of Dibley’ and feeling none-too-keen to go anywhere really. But, with the thought of some dry white wine to enthuse me we wandered along to the pub as usual and I was almost (!) speechless to see all my best friends there. Helene and Martin from Stafford, Fiona and Chris from Windermere and Heather and Alex from nearby. WHAT a shock! He had arranged a surprise evening for me.

We all took up residence in the lounge end around the leather sofa and the platters of yummy food arrived too (another surprise).

Campbell and Jessica (who looked fabulous!) turned up too and then a cake that He had had made in Peterborough and delivered via his Sheffield office and thence to the pub last week. It was ENORMOUS and completely pink! Lovely.

I was so touched to see everyone and that they’d gone to such trouble to come for the occasion. Later on, just to add to the special night, Chrissie, Rae and Lolly all arrived too! Fantastic!

Did I drink too much? Yep. Did I eat too much cake? Certainly. Did I have the BEST time? Affirmative!

Thank you Babe…. you have made my birthday week the best ever!

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