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Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 19 Oct 2014 11:12 am

August 2104

So, now its October and I am remembering what we did in August….

The month started well when Mum was able to go home from hospital. A big relief.
Sis and brother especially have done fantastically visiting and sorting out her apartment with kit for her safe return.

I had a trip out to Larch Cottage Nursery for lunch with Adele one Friday. I LOVE it there.
LArch cottage

Interesting….. An Australian TV company are buying a license from me to show my starling film. A few extra quid coming my way. It just keeps rolling that film! On YouTube it”s had 600,000 views.

Went to find some quiet in the church one day…. Just me and Rosie and with Frank Cat howling outside the big old wooden door to come in too.
church interior

We”ve had some wonderful weather this summer. Lots of time to spend in the garden.

The only thing to mar it is my increasing achy and stiff joints… and upper arms. The Doc says its arthritis and wear and tear and problems from my old neck injury. Whatever it is its having a big impact on my life. Walking is painful and slow and I can only manage a couple of miles at maximum. Getting down onto my knees or bending is nigh on impossible. Surely I am too young for this….

Our holidays were the end of August and beginning os September. Mine started a week earlier than Hector, but I spent most of that week in bed with a really nasty cough. I thought sunshine would make me feel better… Look who joined me. I love my little Rosie Posie!
Sunning with Rosie
While I was poorly a very sweet friend who I had to let down (coz I was poorly) this week for a girls trip to a nice gallery, has popped round to see how I was, tell me that next time she goes I should go too coz I”d love it, and to bring me a gorgeous felt brooch she bought me from the gallery. Isn”t that lovely?

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