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Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 08 May 2014 06:52 pm

March 2014

Mid March saw the first day that was nice enough to have breakfast outside in the garden…

End of March
A few pics of birdies and from a short walk with Rosie early this evening. Celebrating the lighter evenings!!! Also SO happy to hear and see the first Lapwings of the season. I love their call.





Mid March
For Mothers Day. Here she is in about 1963 looking very lovely and ””””””””Jacqui Onasis””””””””! And also it would have been Dads birthday this week, so for him too – looking dashing, and a bit cheeky I must say!

Snoozing in the garden! (WELL i have spent 3 hours tidying the garage and making a start on the enclosed uard improvements!) Hurrah spring is here.

New home for butterflies on our house wall. Amazing what you can pick up at TKMaxx! Now I just need the stuff that you attract them with so they can find their safe house.

A Great Tit was checking out the nesting pot that I bought at PotFest last year. They haven””””””””t nested though.

This made me feel dizzy and actually nauseous. I had to stop watching….
You really should watch the video of these two utterly insane free-runner chaps…

Well.. That WAS exciting! I could smell smoke in our lounge.. Checked and not our fire or chimney so went outside and saw that a chimney opposite was spewing out flame and sparks. Hector dashed over to see if anyone was in and I called the fire brigade. Figured it was the house of a friend of H. His van was in the drive so he must be in so we tried n tried to get him to answer the door. He did eventually, and said “F*** it. It will be fine. Tell the fire blokes not to bother.” So, cue blue flashing lights and all that. And firemen… They are still there now but it seems all is ok and the fire boys said Id done the right thing, that theyd rather be called than not called. I had visions of a house full of smoke and people unconscious etc.

Todays menu experiment. Duck with miso noodles and black cabbage. A first for me…. Not too diff to do and quite tasty.

The flower display at Booths. Isnt it gorgeous? I LOVE Booths in Penrih.

Bliss time at the Spa….. Cue spa tinkly water fountain and low lights and scented candles and spa music. (Sigh ! Am still feeling the soothing effects!)

Its art that is…..!
I watched this chap for a little while on the short walk Rosie and I had one March afternoon.

Marking 100 years since the outbreak of WW1
A genuine original photograph from 1914 and a sea of faces of so many men and boys near the front in WW1. Just look at all those faces…. We know what was to come. They didn””””””””t. I find this image very poignant and sad.
(Part of a private collection of a neighbour)

While Hector was away working in London… What a lovely day we have had. Normanby Park for a wander and the gardens, then the Rope Works at Barton for the gallery and cake then a wind-swept walk at the Humber Bridge and along the Humber (on the Lincolnshire side)
Loved every minute….








Farewell to a hero of mine!
Sad…….. That wonderful man, Tony Benn, has died. He was a remarkable man and I was so lucky to have heard him speak a few times, at festivals. Compassionate, emotive and passionate speaker.
The perfect quote from Benn.
Making mistakes is part of life. The only things I would feel ashamed of would be if I had said things I hadnt believed in order to get on. Some politicians do do that.

What a weekend thrill! I came first in last weeks iPhoneography B&W architecture with this shot…

What a LOVELY day out with Sally and Rosie on the Settle to Carlisle line to Ribblehead. A nice wander around. It was FREEZING and windy but bright sunshine. We ate a hearty lunch at the Station Hotel there (yummy) and were home in time for tea. Poor Rosie was very cold so we put her under out jackets or in the rucksack. She was mollycoddled!






Went to a funeral in the village at lunch time. Les was a very popular man who had lived in the same house in the village all his life and was in his 80s when he passed away. He had a packed life and it was a real pleasure to attend the funeral – which saw SO many mourners that they had to rig up speakers outside in the churchyard for around 30 people who couldnt find even standing room in the church.
I will remember his as charming, interesting and very funny. We often spent time with him at the pub on Friday evenings where he had me spellbound with his memories of local life and characters. He was a real Gentleman. Im sad for his lovely English-Rose wife.

Look what arrived … A print of a photo of Hector from our session with a portrait photographer a year or so ago. Dishy huh?

My lovely cousins lovely daughter Annabel has been accepted into a prestigious ballet school. Im very proud of her….. Well done niece Annabel! Looking gorgeous too.

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