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Stepping Stones and Blues/Rock too

On the Friday evening we went to one of the brilliant blues gigs in Penrith – at the Rugby Club this time – to see The Proof. Pretty good band, charismatic singer. Their guest guitarist was Micky Moody – ex-Whitesnake no less. He was amazing. It was VERY loud, but what you””d want from a blues/rock night.

The next day we had a ticket for Stepping Stones Festival in Brampton. Its organised by Maddy Prior (ex of Steeleye Span – and I loved their stuff way back in the early 70s)
I wanted to go especially to see the compere/comedian Keith Donnelly (long time favourite) on stage with Les Barker (poetry, prose and comedy). As ever brilliant. I dashed home at tea time to feed Rosie and take her a quick walk and back to Brampton. First up were 3 ladies from Derbyshire. Quirky, bonkers, talented song writers, a cappella with attitude. They call themselves Red Ruff. Stripey tights, tutus and corsets. Excellent.
Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 16.54.16
Then on stage were the reason I had wanted evening tickets. Red Priest. A classical music orchestra led by a recorder player with real panache. On stage too a classy harpsichord, cellist and violinist. They played Vivaldi, Telemann, Bach and others. It was wonderful. They said they had never played a folk festival before.
This is them at another event….

Then was the Karine Polwart band. I enjoyed it much more than I expected… I don””t always like Scottish folk.
Her band were very special. An intriguing woman – called Inge Thomson – on percussion. I was spellbound by her. Stylish and quirky with an ethereal voice. I couldn””t take my eyes off her. The young woman on harp (and violin) was tall and delicate. Her voice too, was angelic. She looked like an elvish girl. Her name is Rachel Newton. Karine write such beautiful songs and plays her instruments with such skill and passion.
This is a film of Inge Thomson.

I really must download some music by these three amazing women.

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