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music:festivals Fi | 28 Jul 2007 09:13 am

classy blues : blissful bibb and more and more moore

A great evening at Maryport Blues Festival. AND the most pleasant portaloos I’ve used! The real ale was pretty good too He said.
We arrived in time to catch a bit of Blues n Trouble – I’ve seen them before a couple of times. Christine and Tony were there so it was good to meet up with them.
Eric Bibb came on. Nice surprise to see him joined on stage with Danny Thompson – fantastic double bass player. We were close enough to the front in the marquee to get a good view. Eric was brilliant. WHAT a voice and guitar playing that makes your toes tingle. The clarity of a bell. I loved it! Like at Brampton He was mistaken for Eric – at the bar where he was told he shouldn’t have to go to the bar he should be back stage getting drinks brought for him… and really nice people (Mick and Margaret) near us said they assumed that he was related to Eric, so alike were they.
It was a first Festival for Ross. We’re really glad he came along. He liked Eric a lot.
Next up was Gary Moore – more He’s thing than mine. It IS the blues but VERY VERY LOUD blues. You can’t fault his guitar prowess but it was a tad overdone for my taste. He and the rest of the audience loved it (I was in a minority) – it was like being transported back to the early 70’s when I saw Moore on stage with Thin Lizzy. Real nostalgia. Ross and I waited outside during the encore and it when on and on and on and on. Twiddly notes and drawn out guitar screeching. Like Ross said – all the drunks who asked for it had left ages ago and it was just polite people left in the marquee – not entirely true, but very funny! 40 minutes it lasted. Got home at 2a.m tired and with ears ringing. Brill! It looks to be a superb festival and maybe next year we’ll do the whole weekend.
Some photos – Father and Son at the blues fest, Blues ‘n’ Trouble, Eric Bibb (+ Danny Thompson)
m_port_he_n_ross.gifm_port_bluesntrouble.gif m_port_eb1.gif

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