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music:festivals Fi | 23 Jul 2007 03:22 pm

Mud, music and more mud : Brampton Live 2007

Our second Brampton together – a special one.
We wouldn’t have missed it for the world. All the rain and the mud and the music. Heather, Alex and Sophie camped next door. A first evening was in the company of Tony Benn & Roy Bailey. Socialist fire from two fascinating gentlemen. Then standard festival fodder the Levellers. Highlights for us both were Keith Donnelly with Les Barker (we laughed ourselves dizzy) and Trans Global Underground (He actually danced with me!). For He also it was headline performance from Steve Earle (which I liked but it didn’t really grab me) and also Achanak (who I sadly missed). The disappointment was Soothsayers who were promising in the write-up but didn’t make a connection with the audience, no personality. Weird.
I had to review Benn/Bailey, Levellers, LoJo, Kerr/Fagan and State of the Union.
We ate lots of junk and drank some really nice wine. Our double sleeping bag was heaven and the clever remote control lamps a boon.
Here are some photos of Brampton Live 2007…including one of a crowd under the fantastic influence of Keith Donnelly and behaving like kids, a few of tony Benn, an example of festival sartorial elegance, and some of the mud.

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