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fauna &fun:friends &outdoors &Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 09 Jul 2007 09:02 am

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We can’t spend all our time making preparations for the exciting move to us all living together in my house in a few weeks time, especially when I make a pigs-ear of filling gaps in plaster! Everyone’s gotta have some R&R. So, my brainwave was – IF it’s sunny on Sunday we’re going to Chester Zoo (a FINE idea over a fourth glass of wine after dinner on the Saturday night).
Hey presto – it WAS sunny. Miracle. So off we went. The weather got worse and worse each mile we drove south – storms and rain so bad that the M6 ground to a halt. Guilt set in, for what I assumed was going to be a fiasco day out, all my fault, making me want to disappear from the car. I could hardly bear to look up from the map. But – God apparently loves us (?!) and it cleared up as we arrived. A fabulous zoo. Our favourites were the elephants, a tiger (Ross saw him but we missed it during a loo break!), monkeys, free-flying bats (whoosh), and BEST of all – the leggy, graceful, gentle, utterly gorgeous giraffes.
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