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Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 20 Apr 2012 02:25 pm

Don’t mention MOTs

Back to work after time off always leads to a tiring week. Its been a good one though – if I ignore the fact that my fact failed its MOT spectacularly. It’ll need to convalesce after so much surgery. Was wondering what I could sell to pay for it and all I could come up with is my sister! she wasn’t impressed! Ah well. I did though work from home for two days of its three – day garage work. Always pleasant.

The weather hasn’t been great. Chilly and wet. The poor blossom on the cherry tree is scattering like confetti all over the place. We had a late delivery of logs for the stove, sad to do when its late April.
Work has been really busy. Lots going on – but the days pass quickly and it is enjoyable.

Frank Cat has been hot-desking with me!

On Thursday evening I went with Kate to see The History boys at Keswick’s Theatre by the Lake. It was wonderful. We had a lovely time. Its a funny and a poignant play – but then I have always loved Alan Bennett.

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