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stuff Fi | 06 Jul 2007 03:11 pm

china in a bull shop

or… the PotFest (Ceramics Festival) in the Pens at the cattle auction mart. I’m looking forward to it a lot (Aug 3 – 5th). Every year I go, every year I promise myself I’ll only buy something ‘useful’, but every year the something useful idea goes out of the window when I buy the one thing I spot that excites me. Pah! Its only money.

Its also well worth going to PotFest in the Park too – less utility and more arty. Stuffed full of wonderful ceramic art. (July 27 – 29th)

Here are some pics of the work of a few of my favourite ceramicists
(L-R, Mark Halliday, Karen James, Fiona Mazza)

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