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Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 16 Jul 2011 04:25 pm

Up on the roof of the Church Pele Tower

More excitement for this week of things to remember….

Gave myself a fright…was allowed with Hector to go up the Church Tower (not been up before) Very very steeply round stone stairs and no rails or good light and a long, long way up. I get vertigo quite badly but I made it to the top and got some pics. The stumble, stagger, knee-wobbling, wall clutching, almost-whimpering way down took me ages and I am embarrassed. Glad I went tho. Great view. Great to see our house and the village from above!
While we were up there the bells peeled the 3/4 hour and hour for 3 o’clock. Crikey its LOUD close up!
The steps were so steep and uneven and dark and no railings or ropes to hold. Scary. I’d like to go back up though at least part way to the bellringers room to see an old fireplace there which has amazing carvings in the surround and I’d like to clear the boxes from in front of it, take pics, and see if I can decipher the lettering. Looks very mysterious to me.
Hector went up there to help with some work to do with the village getting fibre optic broadband set up.
Picture 4Picture 6
Picture 7

The Pele Tower was added in 1380, with an iron door for defence of the inhabitants against the Scots.

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