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Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 18 Apr 2009 09:51 pm

A special 24 hours

Ross came with us to the pub on Friday evening so it was even more fun than usual. He and his Dad had a game of darts and poole and there were loads of folks to talk too.

Today Ross went home on the train and as the sun was shining and it was warm we did loads of chores outside – cutting stuff back.

I had a brainwave that we should take the top down on my car and go out for a little trundle…. ostensibly to share with Hector my driving route to our new offices at work.

What was a short bimble became a really special afternoon – and dare I say the word? Romantic..!? A short park-up to watch a guy flying a remote control helicopter – WE WANT ONE! We had a nice explore of the Wetheral Gate House – lovely medieval sandstone tower. I even braved the very steep spiral stairs up the tower. A pub lunch at the Crown at Wetheral then a gorgeous short walk along the banks of the Eden under Corby Castle and a long look at its fabulous cascade into the river. Driving home I had to stop to meet some bullocks and take in the views…. I have been wondering if I was seeing things last week when I saw a swallow, but I did see more today – though at Wetheral not at home.

Walking a helicopter Window on wetheral
He likes to watch cricket Wetheral Gate House Tower Dappled inner tower
Edens best garden feature ......and YOU are?
Pretty boy A load of bullocks

Cascade into Eden (365/310)

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