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somewhere west of norway

A weekend on the east coast at Whitby for Fi’s work conference. Took AGES to get there. As He says, all the roads that get you there have numbers that are FAR too long. He’s MUCH happier with a single digit road number. Whitby is a lovely place though. During the conference He played the ‘body’ for a search dog demonstration, burying himself in a pile of dead bracken and waiting to be sniffed out by the lovely Dottie dog. After all the work was done we had a few hours in the town. Fish ‘n’ chips (twice!), a harbour foray, a beach bimble, too much gin at a wonderful pub with the friendliest of landlords (The Granby) and a fiasco concerning changing the clocks back-forward-back?!
There was a brilliant busker at the harbour – a great voice (redolent of the great Oliver Postgate) and a lot of fun. Listening to him was like being a kid in the 60s again – ‘Listen with Mother’, ‘Music and Movement’ in vest and knickers and cheap plimsolls at school. Its great that English eccentrics are alive and kicking – in North Yorkshire.

More on the great ‘cock clock-up’. SO many people reminded us to change the clocks FORWARD… I laughed at them to have to remind ME! So much for blasé. I was tired when I went to bed and changed the clock BACK instead… ooops. The landlords of the B&B sent their kids to play outside our room when we didn’t show for breakfast but I just lay there reading and waiting until I THOUGHT it was 8. I didn’t believe He that it was in fact almost 10 until he made me switch on the TV to see the teletext date. We missed breakfast and had to make an entrance into the hallway to much amusement from fellow guests and hosts. He has sacked me as his honorary PA now! 🙁

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