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fun:friends Fi | 16 Mar 2007 09:46 am

its creeping up

Its been a while since the eyesight has degenerated to that which needs reading glasses, and I’d got used to it. But now I have to fully accept the creeping years.
I didn’t realise it at the time but, by buying a couple of CDs of birdsong, I was accepting a badge of middle-age. They’re lovely though – perfect for putting on the iPod by the bed and going to sleep to.
Maybe birdsong should replace the kind of horrid ‘pop’ that assaults our ears in shopping centres, supermarkets and lifts. wouldn’t it be good to hear the calming tweetles of birds at the hairdresser too – I don’t spend vast sums of money to wish that the appointment passes quickly so I can escape the noise. Having a hair cut, scalp massage and pamper-session would be hugely enhanced. Life is getting too loud!
He has been told today too that he needs reading glasses. Ha-ha. 😛

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