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Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 27 Sep 2013

Maasai Warrior tribal dancing and singing

Hector and I went to Rheged to see a display by the Osiligi Warriors – a group of Maasai from Kenya. It was amazing! Enthralling and a little mesmerising. They were also selling hand made tribal items…. H bought a decorated ”Oringa” – a carved stick decorated with beads for his desk (apparently) and a bracelet for me.

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 27 Sep 2013

Mid September

H went to visit family in Yorkshire for the weekend (chiefly because his Mum is in hospital and it was her birthday too)and before he left brought me a cup of tea in bed – not something he does as a rule. What a treat. I spent the Saturday doing all sorts of extra chores – clearing out and tidying and trips to recycling. It felt good!
Had a nice walk on the Sunday too…. Eden Lacy….

Later in the month I wandered down to the river again…. I got this shot of a fisherman catching a fish.
Picture 12

Hector and I set off for Ullswater and a walk at Pooley Bridge, but when we got there it was packed with tourists so we turned back. I spotted a turn off the road that I had never explored and often wondered what it led to. It took us to a dead end at a lovely little church. The church has a central tower and a very unique design inside – the tower in the centre puts the font and altar centrally under it. We then had a short walk beyond it to a farm – which is an old fortified building going back to the Reivers.
Picture 19 Picture 18Picture 17 Picture 12

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 27 Sep 2013

Early September

At the end of the hols in early September Helene and Martin came to stay so they could join us for a day at the Lazonby Live mini Festival. We went out for dinner on the Friday night

and on the Saturday wandered along to the festival where we had a waiter-service table in the marquee – VERY NICE. Some great music – some not to our taste, but sat at our table with a constant supply of wine and nice food we felt no pain. We had a wonderful time. Ross joined us later and stayed over and enjoyed it too.

Helene and I both thought this musician was rather luscious!!
and these drummers brilliant…

We really must cut back the ivy – its creeping up over the upstairs windows again…

I was back to work on September 9th….

I especially like the literal Chinese translation of Country names map.

The world was pink the morning of 19th September

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 27 Sep 2013

..and August

I was invited by my friend Liz and her French friend Francois to Lowther Castle this evening to see the outdoor production of Pride & Prejudice. Picnic and cocktails apparently!
It was excellent and a really enjoyable evening. What a wonderful venue.

Had a really enjoyable day at Lowther Show. Loved visiting Sally (and Jess) at her exhibit of fine pet portraits and bumping into Adele and Alison. Saw lots of interesting things. Gun Dog demonstration, dog agility, falconry, owl flying, Spanish horsemanship, jousting, men on horses in armour (very nice!), many nice things for sale from salami and cheeses, country clothing and wellies a-plenty, to very nice Lagenlook clothing and special dog towels, to pith helmets, tweed chairs, wedding hats and camouflage outfits.

At PotFest in the Park in late July I had a lovely wander aroundall the wonderful exhibits.
Picture 18

I bought this gorgeous pot…
Picture 17

I went to PotFest in the Pens with Heather. I accidentally bought an exquisite teapot made by Stuart Broadhurst. Its divine.
Picture 12

Actually, the rug was for me! Hey ho.

Saw this on Twitter… wonderfully Cumbria!
Sheep ont M6 mottawer tween thuttysix an thuttyseven. Tek care.

We went to Lincolnshire for the fabulous Chrissies belated 50th birthday party. It was SUCH a great party. Loved it. Look what Millie (5 years old) did to Rosie!
Millie helped put our tent up…1094974_10151866519027774_1543381345_n
and fell asleep cozy with Rosie and her Mummy.

GORGEOUS paintings by my lovely Uncle David…..

Who hoo. I was lucky to be drawn by Radio 4 for two tickets to join them for a special Gardeners Question Time in September. Settle to Carlisle and back and a recording of the prog on board. Us guests are in a special two carriages! Sally will be joining me. How exciting.

I love our Frank Cat, even when he is using Hectors car as a sun lounger

We had some time off the end of August – me two weeks, Hector one week. I got all bakey and made my first ever lemon drizzle cake today. We just tried a sliver. We are both astounded. It is perfect. Light, moist, airy, sharply lemony. I bet I cannot do it again…. I made lots of biccies and other cakes too.

We went out to dinner to a lovely local-ish pub/restaurant with Liz and Tom. Tapas…. Snails and other yummies….
Friends visited – Alison, Andrew and little Luke

On the way to visit Sis I had a wander down memory lane…. A walk down to Millerground. As kids our house had a gate in the back garden that opened onto this footpath and we spent oh-so much time there. Off down the path and paddling, swimming or rowing-boat fishing trips. Idyllic! It is such a beautiful place and now I can really appreciate the beauty of the old cottage especially. As kids we were able to buy little home made ice lollies and lemonade from the old lady who lived there….
On the way back the views were lovely at Kirkstone…
Picture 17

I did quite a lot of lazing in the garden…

We had a trip out to Durham specifically to visit the Lindisfarne Gospels exhbition that it currently on. It was amazing. I did a bit of shopping at East (ooops) and we wandered around the glorious cathedral which was bedecked with flowers for a flower festival.

Chris and Fiona M came over for an afternoon and evening. As ever we had a WONDERFUL time with them. We do not see them often enough.

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 27 Sep 2013

..and so to recall July…..

Feeling summery

My new summer footwear – the heat wave can begin

Rosie had the right idea….

Bless them both…. love their expressions…

Waiting for me to come home (and feed them!)

I LOVED this local story!
Octopus found in Scafell Pike litter pick

Ha ha!

H went to spend the weekend with his son and family watching rugby, playing cricket and having dinner. They””””””””””””””””ll have a great time. I””””””””””””””””ve had a rare treat… A visit to the exquisite cheese counter in Booths trying new cheeses and buying two to have with crusty French bread and salad later. Meanwhile, its breakfast in the garden. It””””””””””””””””s like being on holiday in France! Long may this weather last I say!

Glorious hot day. I waited til 5pm before a walk. 25degrees. I did a favourite 2-miler to Eden Lacy but it was VERY hot. Rosie was puffing and my face was the colour of a beetroot when I got home. Not a good look. But it was very lovely out there.

The new garden bench is looking just right in the garden. I love it.998189_10151777592867774_1572883773_n

A wonderful song about a cat. These girls Red Ruff are brilliant. Saw them at a festival in May and loved them.

Lovely evening walk at the River and through the fields with H and Rosie. Very sultry but highly scented wildflowers and crops heated by the hot sun.

Can it be true? There are only 500 ice cream vans left in Britain. In the 70s – 250,000
We have one visit our village every Friday at 5. Like clockwork!

Village sports day, fancy dress and floats starting at the pub. Always a hoot!
Then spending the afternoon with 2 of my fave people (and H!) at the lake. A good day ahead!
Hector got a ride in a VERY old and interesting car….

An afternoon at Glenridding with the wonderful Chrissie and Crusty (who had just completed the walk along Hadrians Wall that took one week) We swam in the Lake – when I say we – Chris swam and Chrissie and I ””””””””immersed”””””””” to our necks and wallowed!

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. It””””””””s that silly old hippy in a hat in the Lake. Thank you for the pic Chrissie…. You were right. I DID look mildly eccentric!
(The lovely Crusty with me…!)

Summer desk. Home grown sweet peas.

Had a LOVELY walk with the lovely Heather at Edenhall. Good company and a nice place lifts a jaded heart!

Mega midge evenings….

Rosie looking rather posh in my vintage Laura Ashley sun hat!

21st July. Practically perfect weekend. Slept much of yesterday afternoon to try to catch up on many nights of lost sleep. So, was feeling good to go to see the ””””””””Scottish Play”””””””” last night with Sally at a screening in our lovely local independent cinema. It was stunning. Then we did something new for us, we sauntered next door to the new Indian Restaurant and had a very late dinner. Yum. We got home very late, almost 1 am. Great fun. Then a cooler night so actually slept around four hours. A record for me of late, so today felt good. As I lazed in the garden with the new Dan Brown book ””””””””Inferno”””””””” H got up late, as per, and came out to say he was making a full breakfast. Sausage butties and proper coffee for me and then he suggested a nice walk, so back to Eden Hall to do my current favourite 2-miler. Lordy it was HOT! At two pm VERY hot. Poor Rosie was panting like mad as we walked thru the big fields of crops in full sun so I carried her, but at the river we had a nice paddle. It was lovely too in the woodland above the river. Dappled light and birdsong and nobody else around. After that lazed on a lounger under the wisteria until it was time for some nice saluted pistachios and olives. It was all just like being on holiday.
998568_10151808605137774_618428384_n1005976_10151808598952774_1410123708_n 74906_10151808604037774_146890879_n 555212_10151808596037774_53015855_n

Confession time.
For the first time ever I placed an online bet – on the Royal baby names (so convinced was I of the name for a girl!).

Hector went to London for the Olympic Anniversary Games. He had a great time. It was expected to rain at lot!, but I packed him a yellow plastic cape!

I did a Big Butterfly Count for 15 minutes while I was out. Result 8 large white, 1 meadow brown and 1 tortoiseshell. I got this photo of one during a walk near Culgaith with Heather.

We had some friends over for coffee with their lovely French friend who was visiting. What a nice time sitting in the garden with them. This is all that”s left….

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 27 Sep 2013

Right-ho – Looking back to late June

Its a tough one to look back and try and remember…. are bullet points too dull?

In a nutshell the weather improved a lot and by the end of June it was warm and sunny.

End of June – enjoying seeing the fledgling birds in the garden being fed by their parents.
Picture 12

Went to visit Sis in her new flat…. with Clare the beautiful niece….

Hector asked me yesterday if I wanted to go and see Yes next year on tour. I should say so!!!! Been a huge favourite since the early 70s. Who hoo. Bless him tho… He doesn””t like their music but will take me anyway. So we””re seeing Peter Gabriel AND Yes. Be still my beating prog-rock heart! Only Genesis would complete the set now…..

Our wonderful Lonsdale Alhambra Cinema in Penrith is showing a live screening of Shakespeare””s Macbeth in July with the wonderful Kenneth Brannagh in the lead role and Alex Kingston too. A girls night out and dinner afterwards

Very sad to hear of the loss of that wonderful archeologist Mick Aston. Mr Stripey jumper! I loved him on Time Team especially. Do they give angels multi-coloured stripey woollen wings?

My spinal MRI results threw up terms such as: cervical lordotic curvature, spondylolisthesis, retrolisthesis, Modic degenerative changes, paracentral disc protrusion.
So, old and rickety then…..

Dodgy hip means I can””t cut the hedge. We got a man in to do it. Wow! It””s never looked so neat.
From now on……… No more hedge cutting for me!1044988_10151758210157774_1059085649_n

The terrace Hector built with our friend Frank last year has really matured, especially the Creeping Thyme. Looks like its been there years.

Oh my word!

A wander with Rosie and Frank in the churchyard first thing one morning

Ooh ooh. Just came first in the iPhoneography Challenge for last week…. Thanks to everyone who voted for me. The theme was Get Low.
This is the shot….

Fell in love….. With a plant I had never heard of. A penstemon digitalis. So impressed with the single one I acquired that I am going back for 2 more. They””ll replace an area in the garden taken up now with a clump of rather tired Pelargonium.

H and I had a LOVELY walk at Edenhall – hot and sultry day.
An oasis….

and lush crops

I get so engrossed in taking pics that Hector gets way ahead of me on the path…

An almost spooky pic of me taken in the churchyard….