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Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 25 Jun 2013

Late sun late June

The last glowing rays of sunlight late yesterday evening lit up the lounge with a warm golden glow. Lovely. Especially when the rays filtered through the glass crystals hanging in the window.

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 14.35.26

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 22 Jun 2013

The Southwell Workhouse

On our last day at the Southwell Festival we visited the Southwell Workhouse – a National Trust place. Fascinating. It dispelled our previous views and opinions at these Victorian workhouses.

The better photos are here at my flickr site.

Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 14.12.54

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music:festivals &outdoors &Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 22 Jun 2013

Southwell Folk Festival

A magic little festival in a lovely market town. We stayed at a B&B in the town and near enough to walk to the festival site.
Saw some brilliant music. Enjoyed a great atmosphere, met some lovely people and I””d love to go back again.
Jim Moray was brilliant as was Eliza Carthy. Our discovery of the fesitval was Lucy Ward and also the Goat Roper Rodeo Band.
The weather was good and the town a great place to visit.

The best of the photos are at this link to flickr.

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Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 22 Jun 2013

Sherwood Forest

On the way to Southwell Hector suggested we stop for a while at Sherwood Forest. BRILLIANT. Lovely sunshine and warm. And what a wonderful place. I absolutely LOVED it. Wonderful mature oak trees, thick candy floss feel summery wildflowers. Banks and banks of cow parsley.
Suffice to say about Sherwood Forest…. I want to go back there.
Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 13.57.36

Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 13.57.49

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Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 13.55.55

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Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 22 Jun 2013

Southwell Folk Festival

Hector booked for us to go to the Southwell Folk Festival. A wonderful few days!
On the way down at Scotch Corner we gave a lift to three students from Durham Uni doing a sponsored hitchhike. What smashing people they were. Throughly enjoyed their company in the car as far as we took them. They were headed to Manchester airport inthe hope of blagging a flight to Sweden. I asked them to keep us up to date with their progress as the 2 days went by. In the end they got as far as Lands End and I gave them some pointers of the best pub in Penzance!
Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 13.53.31

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Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 22 Jun 2013

We went away for 4 days and Rosie stayed with Sally

We went away for a music festival and Rosie stayed with the lovely Sally and family. Sally sent this pic of Rosie looking frankly SMUG at her second home!

Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 13.47.41

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 22 Jun 2013

A carpet of wild garlic

Down at the river at Edenhall – a carpet of heavily scented wild garlic. LUSH!!!!

Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 13.44.54

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 22 Jun 2013

Even dandelions…..

Even dandelions are beautiful.
I got this shot quite early in the morning in the churchyard with low sun making the dew twinkle.
Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 13.43.16

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 22 Jun 2013

Lock out

We got back from quite a late night at the pub. Rosie was going dotty inside yapping a greeting (she doesn”t like us going out at night). The front door key didn”t seem to work. So, we used low-battery mobile phone light to deduce that the interior mechanism of the lock had collapsed. Well done Hector for managing with no light and limited tools, to dismantle it and get into the house.

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 22 Jun 2013

Hows this for a view?

I pass by this lovely field of oil seed rape every day to and from the office. Stunning isnt it.
Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 13.29.20

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 22 Jun 2013

Brave skirt!

Saw this in the Gudrun Sjoden collection and in a moment of madness ordered it. Am I too old/too big for it? YES. BUT, it arrived and I am glad I did come over all sartorially brave. Looks ok with a longer black skirt under it, or a pair of trousers. My best buddy gave me encouragement to go for it…..
Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 13.27.25

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 22 Jun 2013

Nether Stowey and Quantocks

In late May our lovely friend Kate let us use her pretty cottage in Nether Stowey for a weeks holiday. Its an area I don””t know and a delight. The village is wonderful, friendly and pretty and it sits just under the Quantock Hills and is just a few miles from the North Somerset coast.

We took a walk along the coastal path at Dunster and played with Rosie on the beach (she went bonkers!).

A day was spent doing the North Somerset Railway steam train from Bishop Lydeard to Minehead and back. HEAVEN and great weather for it. What a treat. Minehead was a bit grim…. as a lady I got talking to said – its very ””Chavvy””.

Half a day at the gorgeous woodland gardens at Fyne Court amid bluebells and wild garlic and in a little wildlife woodland by a stream after crossing a wide buttercup filled meadow. There are a lot of ancient Sessile Oak trees – they have spiral twisted trunks. Very atmospheric place.

Close by to Nether Stowey up on the Quantocks is a place called Dead Woman””s ditch. I was intrigued when I saw it on the OS Map so had to go and explore it. It has a gruesome story behind the name but is a lovely place to explore the open heathland and the eerie woodland. I spotted a pair of birds I have never seen before – Stonechats.

On a blustery grey day we went down to the very rocky and bouldery shoreline at Kilve. I wanted to find fosils. I think I did and popped it in my rucksack. But it was hardwork managing to walk on the rocks and Rosie got scared by a fierce big dog so we gave up and went to the Kilve Chantry Tea Room. WOW! THE best scone I have ever tasted and some hysterically funny overheard conversation from a small party of OAPs. One was deaf and having an ENTIRELY different conversation to the others.

We had some really nice evening meals at the dog-friendly pubs at Nether Stowey. For a small village it has a lot facilities.

I had a bad hip and leg during our stay which spoiled any chance of a longer walk – but we will go back to explore there again.

All the better photos link to here

Some of my favourite photos:

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Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 21 Jun 2013


Was very happy to go to our little cinema in Pemnrith (the Alhambra) to see the new Start Trek film. The gorgeous Dominic Cumberbatch was the villain and exquisite! LOVE Start Trek. The Alhambra is a great cinema. Not a franchise, friendly, comfy and local. Not pricey to get in and they can sell any old sweets and drinks they like and at not silly prices. The last time we went to the Vue Cinema we spent £36 for two of us with a couple of sweeties or snacks. Not doing THAT again!

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 21 Jun 2013


Early May and I spotted this hot air balloon over the village – clearly on its way to landing. So, I followed it.