I don’t know where the time goes/went!
I had no idea it was 7 weeks since last updating this dairy blog thingy.

So, whats happened?

We’ve been a bit slow getting into the Christmas spirit. We’ve got the house looking festive now – am pleased with it. We’re having a piece of beef for Christmas lunch, from a friend who is a rare breeds farmer in the village. Its from a Highland cow that I have met and photographed, and rather than being squeamish about that I find it reassuring. I love a quiet Christmas just the two of us. Love it.

Last week my car broke down just as I left the office. Windy and wet weather and a long to-do waiting for the AA, the AA man not being able to fix it and having to take it to the garage I use. 3 hours all in all. The car has never broken down on me before and typically I had just reduced my AA membership to Raodside not Recovery. DAMN!!!!

Sally and I joined a friend of mine, Ally, at St Cuthbert’s Church in Carlisle for an evening of WONDERFUL candlelit music.
A lovely church, candlelit and cozy. Large orchestra and choir. We were near the front. Spine tingling stuff. And when it was time for audience singing for the carols we sang our hearts out. It was joyous.
The programme was:
Corelli: Christmas Concerto in G
Torelli: Trumpet Concerto in D
Three unaccompanied Christmas choral pieces
Marricone: Gabriel’s oboe from ‘The Mission’
Vivaldi: ‘Winter’ from ‘The Seasons’
INTERVAL (mulled wine and mince pies available)
Haslam: Kyrie and Gloria sung by Suzanne Manuel
Handel-Tarkman: Concerto for Flute and Cor Anglais
Three unaccompanied Christmas choral pieces
Two carols. Audience invited to join
Adam: ‘O Holy Night’ solo Suzanne Manuel
Handel: Christmas excerpts from the Messiah

While Hector had to be away Frank and I went to a village event – a house warming and Pampered Chef evening at Ken and Jen’s. Turns out I knew Ken anyway – from the pottery classes from years ago. They have renovated a house in the village and it is amazing. Stunning even.
The following day Frank also went with me to the village fund raiser of Any Questions in the the village hall. Nice supper and wine and an interesting panel of Tim Farron (MP and president of Liberals), a judge, JP, lawyer and surgeon. They chose one of my submitted questions so I had to ask it. It was about the West coast line and Richard Branson. An enjoyable evening.

On December 12th things got a bit silly. It was a strange numerical date. 12.12.12.Early that morning I got the idea that some internet friends might like to share a little fun and take pics of what they’re up to at 12.12pm on 12.12.12 so I quickly set up a Facebook page 12.12.12 and also a Flickr group. Then it got noticed on Twitter by the BBC, Zoe Ball and others. All rolled away like a snowball. Radio Cubmria contacted me and got involved and before I knew it i was being interviewed on Radio Cumbria. What a hoot!

The weather has been pretty wet and dank, but a couple of cold spells. I crave daylight and fresh air during the week when I go to work in the dark and come home in the dark and the office is cut off from the outdoors and daylight. Even a short walk or trip out is a pleasure.

The little church at Eden Hall is always a lovely place to visit during a walk.

Rosie and FrankCat appreciate that the wood stove is going each evening now and are pretty cozy together. Though I think that FrankCat is a little embarrassed to snuggle with a poodle.

At the end of November we went to Sheffield to join a lot of Hectors family celebrate his niece’s (Jess) graduation. We had a lovely meal in the city and it was great to see everyone.

We stayed at a Travelodge nearby. It was good to see some of the city – and The Crucible looked shiny and bright in blustery wet weather.

The next day I drove home leaving Hector there to go to a bit of a do that night. He had a get together with his best friends from school days.

Hector and I went to a Wine and Cheese tasting evening in the village. What a hoot. Games and fun and a lot of wine to taste. Hector bought some wine to add to the Christmas stocks!

A woodpecker is a fairly frequent visitor to our bird feeders now. Handsome fella. Its a huge pleasure to have so many birds in our garden. One of winter’s greatest joys.

My birthday in November. Hardly worth a mention seeing as I was a somewhat mature number. Nice time had though! Mum had a fall during my visit there that weekend but thankfully it resulted in a sprain and a scratch and nothing more.
I took this picture when I had a short walk with Sis to the Lake at Amsbleside during my birthday visit to her…

I have participating in an online photography challenge with a group of like-minded avid photographers. Its iPhoneography Cahllenge. Each week a theme is set and we have 5 days to take an image with our phone or tablet (any editing too on phone and tablet) and each week we all vote for a winner. Its enjoyable, challenging and I even won one week. Natural Framing was the theme.