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Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 23 Sep 2012

Autumn in the churchyard

Autumn makes the churchyard look so lovely. The quality of the light I suppose.
I love how the moss grows in the chiselled lettering one of the old gravestone that is flat on the ground.

And the house opposite was looking so warmly coloured in the sunrise light.

Village house September sunrise

This afternoon – Sunday 23.9 – Hector dropped me off on his way to guitar practice and I walked back with Rosie.

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 23 Sep 2012

Health issues, busy and some calm in the woods

The village calendar that I did arrived from the printers. I’m quite pleased with it! Hope others are too and that we sell a lot.

I noticed Rosie wasn’t too well so took her to the vets. She’s got 3 different pills to take. And next week she is to have a small op (teeth clean and removing a growth from her gum). Not looking forward to that.
I too went to the docs – the not sleeping, waking headaches etc. Upshot is I have shockingly high blood pressure – wasn’t bad a couple of months ago. So, new tablets for me too. Groan.

On Saturday – the equinox – Sally (who had had a stressful week too) and I took Rosie and Roxy to Acorn Bank in lovely warm glowing sunshine for a walk in the woods and then some tea and cake in the courtyard there. What a lovely thing. It was SO peaceful and calming and a delight. I could feel all the bad stuff drain away from me.

Equinox berries equinox benchmark

For this picture I had to hang onto a fallen tree over a stream, in mud and try to point the camera up. We called them fairy fungi!

still woodland pool
We called them 'fairy fungi'

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 23 Sep 2012

Back to work and autumn and Tour of Great Britain pass through

Back to work and landed with a bang. Not sleeping!
A bit of brightness was the Tour of Britain passing through nearby. I took pics but didn’t know who they were – it was FAST – until I saw the shots when I got home.
I did manage to capture Wiggers!
wiggins B.W
and George Atkins
Tour of Britain whizzes past at Plumton

At the weekend we went over to Keswick to collect our portrait from the photographer and while there in sunshine had a little explore of the railway footpath at Threlkeld.
Saddleback from near Birkett Mire

On the Sunday we went to the pub to a bit of a do. The highlight for me was a table magician…. very entertaining. Good company and some live music. Hector stayed 11 hours – don’t know how he does it. My liver’d explode.
I’m still not sleeping – got to do something about it.

Sleight of hand…..
Watching the magician - sleight of hand

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 09 Sep 2012

Our first REAL portrait

The first portrait of us by a proper photographer; Simon Anderson Photography of Keswick. Thanks Simon, we like it a lot.
Neither of us had been photographed professionally before so were apprehensive and neither of us like having our photos taken. However, Simon put us at our ease and I am really pleased with the results. This is the first of what I think will be a set of 3 or 4 when we get around to buying them. There’s a lovely one of just me and Rosie and some stunning ones of Hector on his own.

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 09 Sep 2012

3 last leave days

Hector has gone on a Boys Beano with Ross, Father and son trip to London, so I have had my last three leave days on my own.
On Friday Sally came over for coffee early on which was lovely. Its not often we get together like that.
She was messing with my iPad and got this pic of me….

For the rest of that day a few washing and cleaning chores and then a full afternoon in the garden in nice sunny weather with a book and just Rosie and Frank Cat for company.
On Saturday Frank came over for a chat and coffee and then more of the same from yesterday i.e me on a lounger in the garden with a book.
Peacock butterfly Dahlia
A quiet supper, 2 glasses of red wine for dinner and watching SkyArts coverage of Cropredy Festival this year.

This morning I actually, first time for years, had a lie in. I woke at 10 and then had poached eggs on toast. And guess what, more sitting in the garden with a book. I’m going to make the very best of a last day off!

Hector just called from London. He lost his mobile phone on his way back from a Comedy Club with Ross. What a faff for him, but no sympathy as he was a bit plastered!

I didn’t expect much of anything for my last day off – a quiet Sunday. At around 3 I set out to take Rosie a short walk – driving just out of the village to walk down a track. I got a phone call from our friend Adele wondering if I was walking Rosie as she fancied a walk. So, we agreed to meet straight away at Edenhall church. When we got there we found it very busy, lots of people (relatively for Edenhall) and the field open for parking cars. It turned out that there was a walk ‘on’ – raising money for St Cuthberts Church there. It was a normally private 3 mile stretch of the river bank along the Eden and to Riversmeet (where the Eamont joins the Eden) and along the Eamont to Udford. It was wonderful. What a treat. The field edges by the river had been cut short so walking was easy. There were benches here and there (used by people who have fishing rights) and at the fisherman’s hut there was a toilet and a bowl of water and towel had been left outside it for us to use. The river was quiet and mostly still with some bubblier stretches. We saw other folks who were enjoying the walk and both Adele and I came across people we knew. Rosie loved the walk and behaved impeccably.
It was about 5.5 miles, but Endmondo glitches on the way back and the iPhone battery failed before the end.

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 06 Sep 2012

Day off together – so lunch at the pub

I didn’t realise that Hector was off too today. I didn’t feel 100% so suggested we wander along to the pub for lunch. Was nice…. sat outside in sun.

When we got back I thought I’d take my full lunch tummy outside and read a book (rug required – bit chilly). I wasn’t counting on being used as a sofa (tho feeling as stuffed as one!) by Rosie and Frank.

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 06 Sep 2012

A day out to the Lakes

I went to visit Mum in Ambleside. The plan was to go with Jane to walk around Rydal but as I got to heres she was called in to work. So, I went on my own. I didn’t do the full round of Rydal but spent time in Rydals Wood and on the lake shore. I didn’t walk far but it was too nice to rush.

Rydal.1 Accidental art
Rydal ripples Rydal moo
I drove back up the Holbeck Ghyll road which I haven’t done for decades. I stopped a couple of times to test out the first half mile of two footpaths. One is a bridle path that we should do properly some time.
Heart and soul Above Holbeck Ghyll
Beside one path was a gateway with a lovely heart on it, and beyond at the edge of the field some picnic chairs and tables with a parasol tucked away next to them. Someones romantic retreat. The views from the table would be right over Windermere and meadows and clear over to the south. Lovely.
Then it was through Troutbeck, again where I haven’t been for many years. As I drove past the Institute there – village hall! – I remembered that as teenagers we went to dances there and loved it. Strangely as I drove by the iPod shuffle began to play some music from exactly that time, and one that took me back vividly to those days.
Then it was up and over Kirkstone before ambling along the shore of Ullswater and home.
Townend barn Kirkstone

And when I got home I took a book out into the garden and fell asleep again!
I parked up at Jane’s and walked to Mums for tea and cake.

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 06 Sep 2012

New discovery

On Tuesday the weather was good. I decided to try out a walk somewhere I have been meaning to for years – I drive past the place most days as I drive to and from work.
I thought the walk was about 2 miles of small road but halfway round I noticed a footpath along the river bank I didn’t know about so followed it. Delightful!! Through woods heading north along the Eden.
Endomondo made a mess of the tracking – it wasn’t 4 miles – more like 3.

Having time to try these short walks is the delight of my holiday time.

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 06 Sep 2012

week 2 of leave

Just getting into the swing of being off work now. Sleeping later – which is good as I am awake for much of the night lately.
On Sunday and Monday the weather was pretty good and I spent a lot of time in the garden – and snoozed for some of it. Read a lot too.
Took some pics. I liked this one of Hector especially – his face all lit up by his laptop screen.

And these in the garden

And I’ve been making bread… this one was multi-seeds with extra pumpkin seeds.

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 02 Sep 2012

Walks and ambles and gardening and mud flats

On Wednesday we walked around the village – nothing dramatic walk-wise. An amble really. But, it was pouring with rain and a bit of thunder too. We got soaked, but it was quite invigorating….
and then I made bread.

On Thursday I walked further. Hector drove me out beyond Lazonby and I walked home. The first one track road is a delight. Fields full of corn and passing through very old woodland, carpeted in thick vivid green moss.

above Lazonby
moss carpet ancient wall
…and I made MORE bread. With pumpkin seeds.

On Friday I tucked my National Trust card into my bag and took Rosie along to Acorn Bank. Although with a dog you can’t go into the walled garden we could (my first time) walk through the woods and visit the restored Mill. It was quiet and still and we were alone. I could feel my blood pressure plummet to calm! Rosie stayed tied outside while I looked around the NT shop and then using my fleece as a cushion sat at an outdoor courtyard table with me while I had a pot of Earl Grey and sponge cake. What a wonderful short break. Home via the garden centre to replenish the bird food bin. Endomondo shows me doing over 9 miles! I didn’t! I forgot to END it when I set off home from Acorn Bank.

Hector spent the evening with the boys playing guitar. I’m so glad he’s sharing the guitar playing with like-minded guys.
Throughout the week I have been doing a bit of gardening, dragging out overgrown perennials, cutting back deadwood and deadheading. It might have been a washout summer, but warm and wet weather has made everything grow like made.

On Saturday Hector was busy and I was not! So, I took advantage of some decent weather and lazed in the garden with a book. The Hadrian’s Wall illuminated balloons was on and although the forecast wasn’t initially good it got better so I said could we go. Not at all sure it was a good plan now. The weather got worse as we got closer to Bowness on Solway. H sat in the car while Rosie and I explored the Solway foreshore which I had never seen at low tide. Its an eerie landscape – timeless and monotone. Some amazing birdlife though. My photos of the Hadrians Wall lights are awful, but I was fascinated by the landscape of the Solway at low tide. Such a lot of different wading birds…. oyster catchers, herons, terns, gulls, snipes, sandpipers, godwit and plover. Its an eerie place, where time seems to stand still – where the elapsing time since when the Romans were there is a blink of an eye.
The balloons themselves were a bit of a squib, though apparently got better after we left, it was chilly and windy and Hector was not in any way a happy bunny.
BUT, a real treat was meeting a very long time contact on Facebook and Flickr – the lovely Ally. What a lovely thing to meet at last. We had a bit of a photo session capturing our meeting.

monotonal Solway at dusk