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Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 27 Apr 2012

Swallows and spring flowers

I had a lovely walk with Rosie at Edenhall!

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 25 Apr 2012

22 Hours mini Holiday

At the weekend Hector took me to York for a mini mini holiday. We had 22 hours there. In 10 hours on the Sunday we did SO many fun and interesting things. I LOVED it…. We:
Went on the open top tourist bus
Took an open top river boat trip on the Ouse
Went skywards on the 60 metre high Big Wheel (superb views)
Sat in a nifty computerised pod thingy that took us around the Jorvik Museum
Had coffee and doughnuts
Missed out seeing the Minster as there were services in progress
Wandered the lovely city streets surrounded by the history and buildings
Looked around the wonderful shops – especially Sahara (love that shop!)
Are at a wonderful Italian Restaurant near the Minster

Minster and roofs York Bridge
Ouse river bank at York Old stone round walls
We're going up in THAT? Piano at the minster Riverside bistro
Skywards on a big wheel
I've chosen - but, what're you having? liking the menu

My wonky hip got badly stiff and sore by mid afternoon so by the time we headed to the Travelodge for the night I could hardly move. I think I need to get the Doc to figure it out – arthritis or sciatica or something else?

And Rosie? Where was Rosie while we were swanning about York? She stayed with the wonderful Sally, Jess, Campbell and Jamie. They adore her and she was very contended there. She gets on well with their fabulous dog Roxy.

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 20 Apr 2012

Don’t mention MOTs

Back to work after time off always leads to a tiring week. Its been a good one though – if I ignore the fact that my fact failed its MOT spectacularly. It’ll need to convalesce after so much surgery. Was wondering what I could sell to pay for it and all I could come up with is my sister! she wasn’t impressed! Ah well. I did though work from home for two days of its three – day garage work. Always pleasant.

The weather hasn’t been great. Chilly and wet. The poor blossom on the cherry tree is scattering like confetti all over the place. We had a late delivery of logs for the stove, sad to do when its late April.
Work has been really busy. Lots going on – but the days pass quickly and it is enjoyable.

Frank Cat has been hot-desking with me!

On Thursday evening I went with Kate to see The History boys at Keswick’s Theatre by the Lake. It was wonderful. We had a lovely time. Its a funny and a poignant play – but then I have always loved Alan Bennett.

fun:friends &outdoors &Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 15 Apr 2012

10 wonderful days off!

Some leave time has been really welcome. A great start was Fiona and Chris coming over on Good Friday. Obviously I ate a chocolate egg on Easter Sunday but a long walk might have helped negate it’s effects! I gave Hector some nice beers instead of choccies!
On Tuesday I went over to see Sis and we visited Mum. It was pretty chilly and lots of snow was newly fallen on the hills. I didn’t feel much like walking or gardening because both my hip and my right thumb were pretty damn painful. Mum looked well and seemed really happy to see Rosie.
On Wednesday I had another lovely long walk, but there was heavy rain later.
I got this shot of the – what we are now calling the ‘terrace’ and like the result.
april showers
I put some pots out onto the terrace and with a rug on the chair to sit on it was a lovely place to spend a couple of hours.
veranda or patio or courtyard or terrace or piazza!
Bumble bum white blossom
I saw some neighbours and got some things done Thursday and Friday and also had another lovely long walk with Rosie (just 3 miles) and dropped in on Jane in the village on the way back.
The blossom on the trees in the garden and churchyard are wonderful at the moment and I have loved having plenty of time to get the garden ready for late Spring and early Summer; transplanting self-seeded aquilegia and mints.
On Saturday Frank and Kate dropped by and Kate and I went into town so I could place my first ever bookies bet on the Grand National. Now that I see that 2 horses died during it I won’t be doing it again. One of the ones that died was one I had backed which hasn’t made me feel to good.
Later a nice girl, another Kate, I’ve met a couple of times at networking and marketing events came over. She’s a wonderful portrait photographer and we planned to share techniques by spending some time in the church for portraits and then later to Castlerigg Stone Circle where we shared my landscape inspirations. Kate’s first baby is due really soon so we didn’t walk far at all! After learning some of her skills I think I’ve taken the best portraits I have taken to date… and I hope I can improve some more.
Kate at St Cuthbert's
Kate in church porch Kate at the stones
Castlerigg was freezing but we stayed a while and I loved sharing the photography with her. I look forward to seeing her shots.
ancient and smoke far left

I love this shot – very incongruously dressed Janapese tourists….
On my last day off we were meant to be going to watch some rugby with Chris and Fiona but the match was called off. We gardened and Hector tidied up the garage instead. I had found two one-gallon Greek Olive Oil tins at the recycling area and brought them home. He took the tops off and drilled drainage holes in the bases, and when I’d cleaned them I planted some strawberry plants in them.

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 09 Apr 2012

Spring has stalled

A short week at work ahead of Good Friday and Easter weekend. One of the best weeks at work I have ever had. Booked our October Conference pre-dinner speaker, took bookings for trade stands and got lots of delegate bookings. I hope I can keep this up…
I put a lot of finishing touches to the patio and got the table put out. What a palaver! I knew we’d put its bolts somewhere safe but COULD we find them? We both turned out drawers and cupboards, garage and indoors. Then Hector had a brainwave when I said if we were storing it now where’d we put them. Answer, attached to the table in a bag. So, we looked around in the garage where the table had been stored and lo and behold! Phew.

Once the planting was done.....

Almost finished

On Good Friday Chris and Fiona came over – a walk had been planned but it was raining. Lots of talking, lots of subjects! An Indian take-away for dinner and more talk. Excellent evening.

I noticed how we were all companionably feet-up on the pouffe.

East Saturday Hector and I went out to the river walk I’d become so fond of. We did the full length of the walk, but didn’t see the kingfishers this time, or the otters. One day…! when Hector went into town to watch the football I did a bit of greening but got so engrossed I didn’t notice the time going by and was still at it when he got back 2 hours later. I sowed the wild flower seeds in the largest bed – scattered amongst all the other plants.

On Easter Sunday we went out early again (not before I had opened my chocolate egg – bought it for myself) We set off to go just around the village, but changed our route and in the end did 3 walks all at once.

Its only 3 miles though

We met some rather interesting (contradiction in terms I think!) sheep….

And finally…. we have some new coffee beans for the DeLonghi and they are as shiny as jewels….

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 01 Apr 2012

Its what a Sunday is for…

Hector suggested going to a pub and reading the papers…. but I fancied a walk especially as the weather was so fine and sunny. A plan then came to mind…..

We would drive to a pub we don’t usually go to (5 miles away) and just before it Hector would drop me off and I would set off walking home – using the quieter routes. So, off Rosie and I went… we saw a red squirrel, some new lambs, chiffchaffs, a jay and some highland cattle. We walked past open ploughed fields, coppiced woodland, pine woodland, ploughed fields, tree plantations, roads avenues with old oaks, very old hedges and abundant spring flowers; many of which are very early this year.
We’d only been walking 45 minutes when Hector drove up on his way home, but I decided to keep walking because I was enjoying it so much. Its hard to describe how much more pleasant it is to do a walk that is entirely homewards. Its not like setting off from home and doing a route that means turning back for home. It was a little adventure.
When we were almost home Sally drove by and stopped for a chat.
So, a lovely walk. Just lovely.

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 01 Apr 2012

Patio!!! Poodle and perfect spring weather

Much progress on the 8sq metre little sandstone patio. We couldn’t have done it without the help of the wonderful Frank and his son Tim. Its going to be wonderful place to eat outdoors and sip a G&T.
The weather has been sublime all week – temperatures into the low 20c’s. Hope it bodes well for the summer.
I took a trip to the garden centre for the creeping thyme for the gaps in the paving and on the way back spotted a field near home being ploughed, the tractor bumbling up and down the steep incline lifting dark red sandy fertile soil behind it and exciting the throngs of gulls in its wake.
Ploughing companions