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Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 26 Feb 2012

Tackles and drizzle

I joined FREEGLE – online Free and Legal. Finding new homes for stuff you’d otherwise throw away to landfill etc. I got rid of quite a lot of stuff then noticed that some things were coming up that we could use! In the last week we responded to a new home for a brand new IKEA sink unit (worth £185) and some sandstone slabs for my next garden project. Good for the soul! All picked up from folks locally this weekend.
Today, Sunday, I got a crashing headache again – hasn’t really gone all week but had faded yesterday. Today was grim, but I thought we’d still head off to Windermere – via visiting Sis for a cuppa – to watch our friend Chris’s rugby team, the Westmorland Barbarians, play Penrith in a semi-final. To get there we parked up about a mile from the rugby ground and walked down through Sherrifs Walk – a woodland area with a rushing stream that I frequented when I was a child. Talk about taking me back! Rosie ran around a bit and we rushed through because we realised from the noises in the distance that the match had kicked off and we’d been given the wrong time. It was a good match but Chris’s team lost – though played really well. It was great to catch up with Fiona and have a chat.
Grab Line out
Tackle Swerve

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 25 Feb 2012

Spring is sprung!!

Something going on every evening this week. Nice to be busy. Didn’t feel too well and had the worst migraine I’ve had for years later in the week. Excruciating!

The weather was mild – in fact almost Spring like. I saw the first bumble bee of the year when out in the fields with Rosie when I took her from the lane across the footpaths towards Eden Lacy through the fields. I got stile-bound – slightly more embarrassing than ‘crag bound’. Rosie jumped from a tall one and though seemed fine was a bit shaken so after that I carried her under one arm over them all but struggled on a very tall and steep one. It cleared my fuzzy head a bit and was a lovely bright day for being in big wide fields.

This weekend we got hold of the FREEGLE Ikea brand new sink and some sandstone slabs. The sandstone is for a garden change I want to make – creating an area in the front garden for the table so we can eat outdoors. It didn’t get used much in the yard because it never really got enough sun.

I finally got around to visiting Clare in her new apartment in Carlisle. Its in a really nice area and very close to the hospital where she is based and the town centre too. She’s got it looking really good. We met in town and had a wander around M&S, Monsoon and TKMax. I bought a wonderful soft down outdoor jacket – caramel colour. It weighs nothing and is snug. I’m delighted with it. It should have been £139 but was £25. What a bargain.

While I write this I am debating doing a bit of gardening – cutting back some dead heads etc.
I’m still feeling a bit iffy so want a quiet and fresh air kind of weekend.

outdoors &Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 19 Feb 2012

Lovely weekend!

Thats what a weekend is about!
Saturday some shopping and some treats from the exquisite Booths store thats recently opened in town. Like our very own Fortnam and Mason! I stocked up on bird food for the feeders in the garden – yikes. £35!!!

Later Frank and Kate called around because Kate is going back to Somerset this weekend. Nice coffee and chat.

I took Rosie a little walk at Eden Hall.

Winter blowing in over the hills

Sunday dawned bright and clear but very cold.Hector had suggested we go out and decided against a trip on the Settle-Carlisle railway and to head off for a walk somewhere not too far away. I’d always wanted to visit Gelt Woods so we went there.

A lovely bright day in February and we plan a nice long walk – well 5.5 miles anyway – our first time to Gelt Woods near Brampton. Its so beautiful there.
Rosie Soft Yielding
Gelt WoodsSparkling river Gelt

There was a children MotoX meeting on the opposite hill so it wasn’t a tranquil as it might have been but it was a quiet enough when we got higher up.

Just when I feel fitter these days for a longer walk my flipping’ arthritic hip scuppers a long walk and we curtailed it less than 1/4 of the way around. Am hoping its just a glitch and eases off. Like Hector says – I am walking all ‘wonky’.

Its a walk in the footsteps of border raiders, with ancient woodland, a railway viaduct, a red sandstone gorge, a Roman quarry and a wild magical river.

Most of the woodland in the vicinity of the river Gelt has been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest. The woods are an important example of gorge woodland of a type peculiar to northern Cumbria and parts of Scotland, with a rich mix of native trees including sessile oak, hairy and silver birch, rowan, holly and hazel. Some areas were clear felled after the Second World War and planted up with larch, Scots pine and other conifers.

The name Gelt may have derived from an Irish word meaning ‘wild’, brought to the area via Ireland by migrating Norse settlers, but it could also be a variation of the Gaelic word ‘galt’ meaning ‘magic’. Rising in the Pennines above Castle Carrock there is, perhaps, something about the river Gelt’s journey through this rocky landscape that is both wild and magical.

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 17 Feb 2012

Valentine’s Week

Really busy and a bit bonkers at work, but in the middle of it a nice Valentine Day. We had an Indian take-away and a quiet evening.

The weather turned mildish, with some real signs of spring. The dawn chorus is really sweet now.

On Wednesday when I was working at home I saw my first ever Bull Finch – 2 in fact, came to the garden. The flitted off as soon as I moved and I haven’t seen them since.

I’ve used the FREEGLE (FREE and LEGAL) facility recently to get rid of some stuff and to get hold of some stuff. The best thing so far has been the PERFECT bookcase for where I wanted one. It fits exactly! And, it saves Hector having to make one.

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 12 Feb 2012

Rosie and Fi – a new portrait

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 12 Feb 2012

Fetch Rosie! Fetch!

I was testing the Video feature of my little digital camera….

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 12 Feb 2012

catch up

Our domain name had expired and we didn’t know so we’ve been off line for a few days. Hector bless him got it all sorted! So, a catch up…..

On the Sunday I did the RSPB Garden Bridwatch. My results were pleasing….. 12 species at least. BUT would you believe it…. an hour or two after I send my Big Garden Birdwatch results in, and after literally YEARS of waiting for them to visit our garden, SEVEN Long Tailed Tits arrived. It was their sweet tweeting I heard first and then whoosh – there they were just outside the window. Its made my day! This is just one of them.
Long Tailed Tit - fluffy feathered

I got a FREEGLE freebie excellent bookcase that fits EXACTLY where I wanted one. Saves Hector trying to make me one!

The weather has been really harsh. There was the ‘perfect storm’ last week. Snow fell on frozen ground and turned instantly to thick black ice that was like armour on the car and made even walkingg up the path impossible. Over 160 traffic accidents in Cumbria on one morning. Scary. So, I worked at home.
Last weekend Hector was away having a boys weekend and I had some long walks with Rosie – Banty Beck track and up and around past Burrell Green. Lovely. Not much later is snowed heavily. I did this self-portrait shot of Rosie and I because I guessed we looked scarily alike – both having a bad hair day in the stiff chill breeze!
...pausing to capture our shared 'bad hair day'...

On the Sunday we were blanketed in a thick river-valley fog which, with the snow of the day before, gave the world an eerie stillness.
Smoke from the stove lifts into the fog

Work was full on with stuff to keep me juggling tasks…. but the week flew by. On Friday we went over to Frank and Kate’s for nibbles, wine and a game of cards. I’m still learning to play the game and lost, but I’m enjoying it!

On Saturday it was chore day but late afternoon I went over to Sally and she and I and Roxy (her dog) and Rosie went to Coombs Wood. We’re trying to get Rosie and Roxy to be quite happy together and Rosie comfy at Sallys house, so that she can go and stay with them when were away. Sadly Rosie and I look the same again – matching hair and worst of all matching jackets. Oh dear!!