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Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 27 Nov 2011

Celebrating Sarah

On Friday 25th it was Celebrating Sarah day – a farewell to a wonderfully vibrant and beautiful friend who slipped away on November 12th.

The cortege traveled from near alston down over Hartside, where many cars in the troop stopped to look out over the view and have a glass of champagne – just as Sarah would have done!

Sarah was lucky to have met – they were the love of one anthers lives. Her two grown up children are lovely people and a credit to her, and their step-Dad Pete.

The ‘service’ at the Crematorium in Carlisle was wonderfully non-religious and family and friends spoke of Sarah, while music she loved played – Van Morrison, Mark Knopfler…. There was laughter and it broke my heart to watch Pete, her husband, flick the switch to draw the curtains. I don’t know how he held it together.

Afterwards it was a party at the George & Dragon in Garrigill. Lots of people, lots of rink and great food. Pictures of Sarah were in frames everywhere, paintings she loved we re in pride of place and even art BY Sarah was there to see. music she loved played through an iTunes set up and there were a few words from friends and daily again. Very moving and very happy too. WHAT a woman she was.

I took flowers – like Pete said, she loved flowers – and our card said “For a fizzy fun-loving friend as fragrant as any flower. Farewell. Love from Fi and He. xxx”

This is a photo of her I took in summer 2009, just after she had discovered she was unwell. She looks SO great- always did.

Sarah in sepia and blue (365/358)

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 23 Nov 2011

Mac and Internet thrills!!

On the day that my new MacBookPro arrived so did our installation of the high speed broadband (whole village able to sign up for it) Hector and a committee here got it all sorted out and we’re WAY ahead of most rural places now. New Mac beautiful and broadband SO fast. I’m rediscovering all sorts on youtube – music etc.

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 20 Nov 2011


Really busy week and I was very tired – not sleeping.

On Saturday morning I set off to see Chrissie for the weekend. It was so good to see her and that she met Rosie Poise. She gave her a second nickname…. Cosi Rosie Posie Fan Tutte.
We had a drive out to Cleethorpes and a wander on the beach. Lots of dogs about and Rosie had another scary encounter with a big dog. Poor little thing.
Chrissie made some lovely food and we talked and talked and laughed a lot.
When I woke on Sunday I was not at all well. Very dizzy and so sick. I had no choice but to stay in bed and delay going home. Chrissie looked after me and eventually I was well enough (just!) to set out for the 3 hour drive home. It was fog all the way so not pleasant for driving. Was glad to have Rosie with me.

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 15 Nov 2011

Birthday eve

A birthday weekend but Sarah on our minds. We chose to spend time at Sizergh Castle in the gardens where it was lovely and quiet and a place to think.
Me with gold
golden arch Sizergh Castle
Dogwood Moss Wall Pond Sizergh glorious rockery

And then tea and cake with the folks in Ambleside and a little bit of time in Borrans Park
Paired canoe paddle Quietly overlooking Lake Windermere

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 12 Nov 2011

Farewell Lovely Sarah

My lovely lovely friend Sarah left us today to go-go dance and sail the heavenly seas drinking champagne and sparkling like only she could. A vibrant, funny, beautiful and talented lady.
We can’t believe she has gone.
Hector and I send all our love and condolences to Pete, Josh, Tash and Margaret.

Lovely Sarah

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 08 Nov 2011

English makes the best

A while ago Hector bought some white wine that I absolutely LOVED. Then, bless him, knowing how much I liked it, he bought a case of it. Wonderful. This evening I got around to looking at the label properly when we had guests who liked it too and imagine my surprise. Its ENGLISH wine. Crikey. Its Three Mills Reserve – white. DELISH!!!! Try it!

outdoors &Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 06 Nov 2011

Ribblehead by Rail with Rosie

A really nice Saturday – gardening, housey stuff, quiet supper and I had a 2.5 miles walk with Rosie just before sunset.

Then for Sunday, Hector had the wonderful idea of using our Dales Rail cards and taking a day excursion on the Settle to Carlisle line. They let you take dogs so we took Rosie for her first train ride.

We got the train to Ribblehead (in the Yorkshire Dales) before 10 in thick morning mist and by the time we were above Kirkby Stephen it had cleared to glorious bright vivid sunshine. Rosie was fine – totally not bothered by being on a train. The guard on the train was wonderful, so funny and a Geordie. He insulted Rosie, insisted I should dye her pink and was clearly enjoying his job. I will remember him!

Ribblehead was cloudless. We walked to the wonderful viaduct and up past it onto Blea Moor. Rosie behaved really well and we followed the path up along the railway line back towards Dent which was easy going because there is a really good path. It winds up and down on the hills and passes the signal box at Blea Moor which has to be the most cut off signal box. There’s a house with it and Hector said he thought that the Dingles from Emmerdale lived there – he had a good point!

We kept going for an hour or so before turning back, retracing our path and ending up at the Station Inn – where we spent Hectors 50th birthday in 2010. We had a bite to eat, sat in the warm with a drink and let Rosie have a few snacks. The barmaid was really taken with her; she even asked her if she had been “on a choo choo!” Bless. Silly, charming and funny.

We wandered back up to the station, the train was on time and the guard the same as in the morning. The only 2 seats together were at the same table as and opposite the 2 most sour individuals you could meet. If looks could kill. Clearly they didn’t want anyone on their table, or they didn’t like dogs (though Rosie was on my lap, still, quiet and no problem at all) or we look dodgy – who knows. But they were dripping disdain so it wasn’t too long before we decided it more pleasant to stand up for the rest of the journey. While we were standing some young boisterous teenagers got on the train and shuffled off loudly looking for seats. We had hoped they would sit with the sourpuss two, but they didn’t. We’d have enjoyed that!

As the train got to within a couple of miles of home the mist had descended again and it was like a dream that we had been in such sun.

A very special day and one I will remember with a smiling heart.

Rosie quite happy on the train….

The view from the train!!

Sherpa Rosie

The wonderful guard

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 05 Nov 2011

Autumn in Eden

Its been a busy week or two. Mine dominated in my mind by trying to get to grips with Zumba. Only went once and made a total idiot of myself. Its not for me I don’t think. Sally and I have now decided to go to Tai Chi – she’s been advised to try it.

I’ve had a few walks with Rosie – while the clocks hadn’t changed and it was daylight I enjoyed sunset walks in sunshine.
A highlight of our walks was one at Long Meg….
This pic was used by Border TV for a weather forecast background.
Autumn sunset at Long Meg Stone Circle

and another up to Wanfell through the fading heather and bracken in glorious sunlight.

Gold shimmer tree Are there rock monsters up there? Quarry stones in silhouette

and this weekend a walk by the early morning misty Eden at Lazonby and a longer evening walk out of the village and further than I have walked around the village before.

And don't come back until you learn some manners
I came back from this walk with some ‘loot’. I found a scrappy old tin watering can in the verge that was full of soil etc but despite it being heavy I carried it home. It’ll look interesting when its planted up with some blousey herbs.