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Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 28 Aug 2011

Rosie posie is home

Meet Rosie! She is the new member of our family. She is 5 years old and a Poodle (Toy breed) Sally went with me to pick her up today. She’s such a sweetie. Thank you Hector for my somewhat early birthday present!Rosie Posie

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 17 Aug 2011

Not the Hogwarts Express

Standing on a little sandstone bridge in the countryside over the railway as a big black huffing puffing steam train rattled, clunked and chuffed its way under me, billowing thick white grey steam and nostalgia all over me as it went. What a lovely unexpected treat as I drove home.
A little further along at the level crossing I saw it again. It was The Fellsman.

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 14 Aug 2011

Planet of the Apes

At the end of a week of riots in London and Manchester especially (many reasons, but my own opinion is it wasn’t rioting so much as looting with violence) seeing the new Planet of the Apes film seemed allegorical. Rampaging underclasses causing mayhem.
By mid-week I couldn’t bear to see any more coverage of the mindless, lowlife, vicious attacks on property and communities. It makes me so so angry.

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 10 Aug 2011

Hector digging for broadband

Hector and the rest of the village have been helping out with the broadband installation process. You’d be surprised what it entails!
Hector digging for broadban

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 08 Aug 2011

500 Acres, sculptures, amazement and playing

Sally and I took our anticipated trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.
Weather not too bad. Rained a bit. It was busy but over 500 acres at Bretton Park it didn’t matter.
Lunch first then introduction to in-the-flesh Henry Moore sculptures. I hadn’t thought much about his work before but it is superb. Tactile, beautiful lines, amazing shapes in the landscape. We each took HUNDREDS of photographs.
Our particular reason for going was to see the work of Jaume Plensa from Spain and we saved seeing his til last. We explored our way and ambled around down to the lakes at the bottom of the hill and slowly then around the lakes. Along the way a dam, a well, stepping stones, a shell grotto, a vivid dragonfly, weeping willow trees. We clambered on the sculptures, enjoying the feel of them, the metal smooth from everyone who had done just the same. We laughed at one another and posed sillily for photos. Sally is the only person who can get pictures of me and I don’t mind at all. Strange isn’t it?
After messing around with the water cascade in the orangery we headed back up the hill to the focus of our day out. When it rained hard I got out my yellow 99p plastic mac and Sally nearly choked laughing. With a jacket tied around my waist, camera equipment round my neck, a big rucksack on my back and a camcorder slung over the camera strap, plus a silly little hat, Sally was hardly able to breathe for laughing. Eventually she worked out why – I apparently looked just like a tank (camera like a gun etc). WELL!!!!
(when I got home I discovered that I had accidentally deleted ALL my photos from before 3.15pm. I could have cried! Hector tried to do a recovery job on the memory card and managed to get 6 back – from over 200 lost – bless him)

Cake? Yes – we had cake before we hit the Jaume Plensa exhibits.
I won’t describe too much the works we saw – I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

This exhibit made us gasp with delight. I’ve just worked out what it is that really made my spine tingle about these. They were almost ‘not’ there. Like shimmering almost invisible angels. They are called ‘Midst of Dreams‘.

Jaume Plensa alabaster heads

This is a film of the Gong room. Wonderful.

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 07 Aug 2011

GEORGE?! Don’t do that

I love this. Joyce Grenfell was wonderful. Completely wonderful.

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 05 Aug 2011

Bee and spikes

My piccie of the week. Its two images forced to HDR. Asa rule I find HDR too harsh and ugly, but this seemed to work ok.

To BEE forced to HDR or not to BEE

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 05 Aug 2011

A Heath Robinson affair

The Virginia Creeper on the front of our house was strangling the Satellite dish and wending its way up and over the roof tiles. So, Hector decided it had to be cut back. Good idea…
Our ladders are quite short and the dish and roof are very high up.
…a scrabble around in the garage and a plan came together. One plastic headed grass cutting rake, one spare broom pole, one length of old rough thin branch, one roll of masking tape and some string.
Hey presto….
A LONG pole with a rake thing at the end. It was around 20 feet long, wobbly, unwieldy and awkward but Hector dragged it up the ladder and as he couldn’t see above the edge of the roof from the ladder I shouted out from below
“Left a bit”, “Up some more”. “Lower it”, “Twist it around like a spaghetti fork”, “tug down”…. etc.

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 02 Aug 2011

Low-life, slime-ball, gutter-living and brainless

Did I say that my bank account had been hacked and plundered? The bank were vigilant and the problem was short-lived.
What I think about the low-life, slime-ball, gutter-living and brainless perpetrators isn’t for publication.