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Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 21 Jun 2011

Folk Festival Fun n Frolicky Females

Chrissie and I did the Beverley Festival together. We LOVE it! No camping this year – last year put us off – what with folding origami tents n all! So, each nigth returning back to her place where there was a nice bloke (her Chris) with a fresh cup of tea and a nice bed and a super shower.
Friday night at the festival we saw a few bits but Paul Carrack was brilliant! What a performer. Songs with true poetry in the lyrics.
Saturday we arrived in time to wander into town – we like Beverley for shopping! So, we shopped! Nice things. Girlie things. Saw some lovely Morris and clog dancing too.
Our favourite food tent WASN’T at the festival (Peace Cake Cafe) so we struggled to find food there we liked or was healthy enough (both on same diet regime) We’d had a lovely big bowl of salad, fruit and yoghurt etc for breakfast though. We enjoyed the festival stalls – even trying on some pretty flower garlands for our hair.

Picture 1 Picture 2

Music-wise we had a great time seeing Forro Porro (bonkers) and the sublime Salssa Celtica. We weren’t quite sure what was more entertaining the band or the VERY serious salsa, over-dressed, glittery high heeled, dancing folks. But, we danced and danced and almost needed a block and tackle to climb into the car.
Slept like a log and on Sunday we headed back to the festival. Watched some proper folk – Ewan McLennan (this years discovery) then Fay Hield Trio for superb folk songs and story-telling. Gorgeous. After that was Spiers & Boden. My idea of heaven. In the evening we saw Four Square (pretty good) and an Americana guy – don’t recall the name and we didn’t like him. But the absolute highlight was BELLOWHEAD. A juggernaut of a band with more energy, quirky bouncing and instrumentals and wonderful atmosphere, than you could ever see. Danced and danced and bounced and bounced. Loved it!!!
This is the festivals own film of some of the Bellowhead gig

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 12 Jun 2011

Feet not touching the ground

Its been SO busy being back at work after a week off. When I got up on Saturday I felt dizzy and headachy so went back to bed and eventually woke up at 1.30! Not like me at all. Poor Hector had to get up at 5 for some work and was pretty much working all day and into the night – on-and-off. Who says life slows as you get older….
The weather has been poor for June. Breezy and damp. Some very black skies and prospect of thunder. On Saturday it was obvious that most of the garden flowers and plants had suffered and fallen over and weren’t at their best, but while watching all the birds (that day: goldfinches, siskins, bluetits, chaffinches, blackbirds) from my little desk I noticed that even bedraggled and gone-to-seed the flowers just in front of me looked lovely.
Out the lounge window

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 05 Jun 2011

Great weather for Ducks

The annual Duck Race held on the Eden at Nunwick saw a flotilla of ducks tipped into the water and the spectators walking along the river bank to enjoy the race to the finish. Volunteers with nets waded out into the river to capture the ducks and soon the winners were announced while cream scones and refreshments were served on the verandah at Nunwick. Nobody seemed to mind the light rain. Hector was away so I went along with Frank. Great fun is gorgeous surroundings.
As we walked back a flight of swans passed by.
Swans on the Eden
duck race
duck race.4duck race.1

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 04 Jun 2011

More Appleby Horse Fair images

I have revisited some of my photos of our trip to Appleby Horse Fair yesterday and post-prodded these 5.
Gypsy horse fair is for everyoneGypsy horse fair in the River Eden
Gypsy fair bathing
Gypsy horse fair plungeGypsy horse fair

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 04 Jun 2011

Big Fat Gypsy Horse Fair

Hector suggested we take a look at Appleby Horse Fair. We hadn’t visited it before.
Erring on the side of caution we decided to take the train – not far on the train! Frank came with us (NOT the cat!).
It was a very hot day, bright sun and a happy atmosphere in Appleby and especially at the river where the horses were being washed and ridden and plunged. Horses were being trotted and paraded on the road and deals being done.

MY BIG FAT GYPSY HORSE FAIR Like going down the car wash....
Appleby Horse Fair Appleby Horse Fair Appleby Horse Fair
Boy and horse surging from the river

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 01 Jun 2011

Oxford – a wonderful little holiday!

The highly memorable part is that the little pub, 50 yards from the B&B and has signs saying they dish up great food; didn’t do food on the first night coz of the footie, nor on the Sunday coz they don’t do food on a Sunday (so we headed elsewhere), nor on the Monday coz they are closed for food on a bank holiday (again headed elsewhere, where Hectors order for Fish and Chips was strangely substituted with rice, chicken and veg), or the last night for us a Tuesday; because its too busy on a Tuesday to do food (so we had fish and chips in the B&B garden) We laughed – a lot!

Our May holiday this year is Oxford. Fiona and Chris have told us how lovely the city is and how interesting. So, its been on my wish list for a while. Hector arranged it all again (lovely man) and we traveled down on the Saturday.

On the way we spent a couple of hours at Blenheim palace in the grounds. It blew away the M6 cobwebs and lifted the spirits. What a beautiful place.
Hector at Blenheim Blenheim Scultpure

Our B&B is the delightful West Farm in Eaton. What a fabulous place to stay. A working farm in pretty countryside in a quiet hamlet. The decor is perfect…. Laura Ashley furniture and furnishings, Fired Earth bathroom, Whtie Company bedding. It really is wonderful. The surrounding are so quiet that having the window open to sleep was great – peace and then a dawn chorus.
Our first evening was spent around the B&B – H found the pub (100 yards away) was showing the football (big match) and they even sent me home with a takeaway supper as I didn’t want to watch the footie.

Our first full day we got a Park & Ride into Oxford and first of all visited the Ashmolean Museum. SO much to see in wonderful surroundings. Then I somehow persuaded Hector that having a cup of tea at the Randolph was a good plan – well, us girls KNOW how lovely a good hotel is for some tea! Then we hopped on a city tour bus, open top deck with headphone commentary and an hour of having our faces whipped by passing trees, but it was really really enjoyable. After that we found the Eagle and Child pub where the ‘Inklings’ – JRR Tolkein and CS Lewis et al met and talked of Goblins, and religion and fairies etc. There is an atmosphere if vibrancy and curiousity about the city – but I suppose there would be. It just drips history and learning…. A little wander then to the Bridge of Sighs and around the colleges before heading back.
This set of pics are of West Farm where we are staying and the visiting deer in the gardens.

Day 2 – rained quite hard all day so we chose indoor things to do. We began with a look around the area near the Bodleian Library and then a tour of the library itself. Our tour guide was a nice Italian lady and Hector and I were the only Brits of our group. It was fascinating and the old old library itelf like stepping into history. Stunning. After that we splooshed our way to the nearest place for a cuppa (not the best – a Beefeater pub) where they were really busy so the service iffy. Then we wanted to see the bits of the Ashmolean that we missed yesterday. This time we saw the Middle Ages, Middle East, great paintings and Pre-Raphaelites. Some astonishing art. We did get drenched, but enjoyed it anyway.

Our third night here and we are hoping that the nice village pub only 100 yards away is, finally, this evening doing food. (It didn’t!) They weren’t on Saturday when we arrived (footie) or last night (coz it was Sunday) We did however have a wonderful meal last night at a pub called the Greyhound. Super food. AND I had 2 large glasses of wine and got more tiddly than I have for a very long time. We ended up at the Bear and Ragged Staff nearby. Great food etc but tho H ordered Fish & Chips they brought him chicken, veg and rice. Funny!

Day four and the weather showed a big improvement. Usual Park & Ride into town and first thing was a lovely walk on the Broadwalk by Christ Church to the river and along through the trees by the Meadows and watching other people make a pigs ear of punting and reaching the main river where there are the boat houses for the Oxford Colleges rowing teams. Some time sitting on the banks and a leisurely walk back. Swans with cygnets, coots with babies, ducks and geese with babies. We skirted the Botanic gardens to walk behind Merton College which was covered in scented roses. We could hear cheers and laughter and a lot of happy noise coming from the other side of the College and soon saw that it was the students having just finished their exams, many in the subfusc outfit and with either white carnation (denoting end of first finals), pink carnation (end of second finals) or red carnation (end of final finals) and drinking champagne from bottles, balloons and cheering and streamers and a lot of happy faces, many covered in flour! In the sunshine it was a lovely thing to see. And when we wandered out leaving the revelers to scatter along the cobbles behind us we saw in front of us The Rose tea room, which by coincidence was the other thing I really really wanted to do in Oxford. It was featured last week in the Independent as being one of the top ten tea rooms in England. So it was a must. It might have been only lunch time but I had the luxurious afternoon tea. Delish!!! On the last evening Hector went out to get us fish and chips which we ate in the garden at the B&B in perfect sunny silence with just a little wild deer for company.

Ashmolean museum images….
Like he was winking at me - Ashmolean Ashmolean interiorAshmolean interior

Bodleian and Oxford Colleges
Bodleian interior - divinty school ground floorAll Souls and the famous sundial

… and some celebratory students after their finals on the cobbles behind Merton
Finals sat Spillling out over the cobbles at Meton College after finals Celebrating his final final at Oxford

Christ Church from the river beyond the Meadows
Christ Church and Merton College from the river

On the way home we stopped at Stratford-on-Avon where I wanted to go and see the Butterfly Farm, so whilst Hector found something else to do I spent a good hour or so in a large tropical house with large numbers of butterflies. This white butterfly is very large and flying around seemed like a white saucer silently flitting around you. Glorious!
Butterfly - a bit of fluttery shuttery
Butterfly Butterfly - a bit of fluttery shuttery