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Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 29 May 2010

Frank cat’s new a bunk bed and he loves it

Frank cat’s new a bunk bed and he loves it, originally uploaded by Fi (

Unpacked it, put it on floor and Frank stepped straight in, curled up and went to sleep. One happy cat. He even likes the top bunk!

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 29 May 2010

One Oddie short of a GOODIE Show

A last minute evening out to watch the recording of “I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue”. In the chair Jack Dee, panelists Sandi Toksvig (think she’s brilliant), Barry Cryer and ex-Goodies Tim Brooke-Taylor and Graham Garden. We were only one Oddie short of a GOODIE Show.
Two programmes were recorded and it was great to see it done. It was less ad lib than I had thought it would be, but made me more aware how lucky we are to have splendid BBC Radio 4.

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 23 May 2010

My favourite little bit of the Eden Valley

My favourite little bit of the Eden Valley, originally uploaded by Fi (

taken from this side of the river on a little ride out this morning

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 20 May 2010

Chasing around like a mad thing…

Frank is all bandaged up after his little op to repair his bad cut on a back leg and not liking being confined to the house.
Weekend flew by but we got some nice housey chores done. My week at work is amusingly hectic.
On Monday Hector had a test car delivered – he’s getting a new one in August. So we went out for a nice ride out to try it – a VW Golf. Seems nice and bigger inside than I expected.
On Tuesday it was Mums birthday so after getting Frank to the vet for a check up I dashed home to change and go into the Lakes to meet Jane and Mum for supper.I went via Castlerigg stone circle and a little wander around at Thirlmere. I think the evening was a hit for Mum and the evening was lovely. Almost summer really
So, some pics of the week…
Fine at first....cotton wool cloud above a soft green world
This is what Hector sees from his home office – lucky thing..
This tree is lovely but its next doorbetween those trees and that hill is a lake

Can’t wait for the weekend – the forecast is really good. Snoozing in the garden methinks!

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 13 May 2010

Pears, glass heart and spinning hearts on the mantle

Pears, glass heart and spinning hearts on the mantle, originally uploaded by Fi (

My picture of the day yesterday. Our mantle with my favourite heart spinner candle holder. It spins all the time when the stove is going and creating warm air. Twinkly!

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 12 May 2010

A week of history

An election and confusion and more media circus than its ever been. It was predictable that the result would be a hung parliament. Whatever we had voted in our constituency the result would have always been Tory, but as Hector said, all votes count and were counted, so all opinions matter.
The uncertainty was a little disconcerting as the days bled by and then within just an hour and a half Brown had resigned and said farewell, Cameron had been to see his relative the Queen (they are distantly related) and been driven to No.10 to take up office after a rousing speech to the press and, I have to admit, a really endearing cuddle and kiss with his wife on the steps of No.10.
One of the first acts of the new government was to abandon plans for a third runway at Heathrow. Good move!!!

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 08 May 2010

Paxman and Boris sausage interview

I suspect that Paxman couldn’t quite cope with Boris Johnson for this bit of light banter
Very funny.

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 07 May 2010

Birds & beasts, big skies & beaches, marsh & creeks, churches & halls – seaside for grown-ups. 6 days in Norfolk

Birds & Beasts
Avocet Sandwich Tern (Sterna sandvicensis) - Sea food luncheon
Sunbathing seal style - from the boat at Blakeney Point Clashing antlers like big tough boys

Big skies & beaches
about 150 degrees of Wells Beach Huts that stretch for a long way along the beach
The panorama of beach huts is about 6 photos ‘stitched’ together – the perspective is therefore skewed!
blank canvas of sky and sand High and very dry on the pebble dunes at Cley-next-the-Sea
Big surf at Cley-next-the-Sea Wells beach huts looking forlornly out onto a windswept beach

Marsh & creeks
marsh at Brancaster Wells sandbanks and marsh from the quayside
Upside down at Cley Cley windmill from the coastal defenses Quayside at Blakeney

Churches & Halls
Sun slant round tower church - Titchwell Smooth and sculpted Portico view

6 days on the North Norfolk coast. Wonderful. Bliss. We stayed at Machrimore in Wells-next-the-Sea which was lovely. The ground floor double room even had french windows out onto its own little garden. Well done Hector finding it.

Lasting impressions…. gravel, not very good beer (apparently) birds – lots and lots of amazing and rarely seen birds, sky, flint houses and walls. I really fell in love with the place. So lovely. Quiet. Calm. Clean. Pretty. Wild. Seaside for Grown-ups!

DAY ONE and a great trip down with a stop off near our destination at Wells and a walk on the wind swept and clear beach at Brancaster. Dinner was at Ollies in Wells.

DAT TWO was the magnificent Holkham Hall – a delightful day with even a little trip in a boat on the lake there before a walk in the parkland, woods and along the lake. Walked about 3 miles or so. Dinner was at the Bowling Green pub just around the corner from ‘home’.

DAY THREE was mainly at Pensthorpe – where for 3 years they have filmed Springwatch. We braved a cold and windy trip in the cattle cart behind the landrover – a mino safari. Bouncing around and cold in unseasonal hail. Saw some wonderful birds. Feeding them from the palm of my hand is one of life’s pleasures. Dinner was at the Crown – delish. I had quails eggs and a huge salad. He had steak.

DAY FOUR was spent in and around our wonderful base at Wells-next-the-Sea. A long walk on the beach and time to look at the many colourful beach huts. Then up and over the high dunes and into the pine forest which was planted in the C18 to preserve the dunes and shelter the land. Then back along the mile top of the flood defense wall to the quayside, chips and then retracing our steps back to the pine woods. After that was a short trip out to Cley-next-the-Sea and a wander on the huge pebble beach beside the bird sanctuary and above the foamy crashing waves. Walked around 5 miles or so today. Dinner at the Bowling Green again.

DAY FIVE – our last day. Drive out to Blakeney quay, a walk along the coastal path (where we saw some amazing birds, even an egret) and hopped onto a boat to go out into the creeks and sea to look at the seals lolling around on the sandbanks and the diverse, plentiful bird life. It was wonderful. Later, another drive out to Morston and Cley and a walk around the windmill at Cley and a couple of the galleries there. On the way back we stopped at a Real Ale shop on a big old farm and Hector stocked up on some really interesting bottled beers. Walked around 4 miles today. Dinner was fish & chips on the quay at Wells.

Happy Real Ale shopper at the maltings

12 of these bottles are a selection of the big box Hector bought…
Hectors stash - It could be considered showing off!

Birds we spotted were wonderful, many we knew well, but also skylark, arctic tern, sandwich tern, common terns, pink footed geese, Brent geese, grebe, coot, cormorant, whitethroat, kestrel, black headed gulls, egret, avocet, loads of different ducks and gulls, warblers and more…..