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Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 31 Aug 2008

reflective, clumsy and where DID the weekend go?

I’ve been reading a novel that revolves around a group of friends reunited through grief after the death of one of them. It has nudged me into a reflective mood and made me aware of the sadness of losing someone and of the interaction of emotions between those affected by it. Each of them owns their own grief and the fallout has massive repercussions. It has kept me awake thinking about people I have lost or might lose, even dogs and cats, and the relationships that we all have with others.

In the last few days I have badly bruised my left arm twice and banged my head once. One bruise as a result of punching my elbow on a public toilet door (accident of course) and once trapping it in a full ladder that I was folding up to store. VERY sore. Clumsy. Me?

The weekend has flown by. It CAN’T be Sunday evening already. All full up with a nice dinner. Tried a new sauce with pasta that had loads of strong cheese in it and some chili too. Nice but full tummy now…

Has it rained again? You bet it has. Its officially the cloudiest August since records began. Hey ho.

music:festivals &Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 30 Aug 2008

season change – mellowing to autumn

Last week of August and trees are turning to gold – a tad early I think. It feels like we haven’t had any summer yet. Ah well. Its time to console ourselves with some nice wine. This picture of Hector nursing his rosé wine makes me smile

Cheers (365/76)

New clutch of chicks in the churchyard….

Run children, RUN! (365/77)

We both had hectic week at work and are now enjoying a really quiet housey weekend. Up and down ladders cutting back the honeysuckle from the front of the house and up on the utility room roof sawing and dragging branches from the budliea in the yard. More light for the lounge and the yard. Hard, but very satisfying work.

Frank helped…. but there was only one man for the job

Frank helps out (364/78) Up on the roof

Who’s looking real good!

Frank - nice pose!

fun:friends Fi | 25 Aug 2008

Baby Asa Olivier

Deb and James had a gorgeous baby boy last week. Asa Olivier….. What a cool name and now I’ve seen pics, I can report that he is beautiful too.

fun:friends Fi | 24 Aug 2008

bank holiday – the last one til Christmas

Both of us had a lot on at work. Hector’s hectic week meant he had to be away for most of it, which we don’t like, but my week at work was a hectic one too and I got a lot done at home as well.
Lolly arrived Friday evening and we had a couple of relaxing hours at the Spa and came home via the chippy (undoing all the spa good) and roof down on the car as we ate the chips from the bag. When H got home from his travels we all spent a few hours at the pub (no surprise there!)
Saturday after Lol left H’s brother Kev arrived – his first visit to us. Great to see him. Sat about in the garden and then had dinner at the pub (yum). A really nice evening.
Sunday – late breakfast with Kev before he heads off and Chris and Fiona M arrive shortly after. There is SOME sun so we do nothing except laze in the garden and natter. After dinner it turned cool enough to necessitate lighting the first fire of the ‘autumn’ even though its still August. I think we can give up on summer for 2008!

Lol is into Sudoku too…… Hector and Kev catch up……Chris lights the first fire of the ‘autumn’
Lolly's here for the night (365/70) Hector and his brother Kevin (365/71)First autumn fire

fun:friends &Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 18 Aug 2008

quiz champs : family treasure : party perfect

WHAT a weekend. Excellent!
Friday eve and a quiz at the Health Spa. We joined up with one other person (Andy) and – like the pub quiz we do – we only flippin’ won! Very enjoyable and some tough questions.
Our answer sheet….. yes, a tad of a gloat.

Saturday was a drive over to Lincolnshire for a good friends’ surprise 50th birthday party. Chris (aka Crusty) was completely unaware of the planned massive party in his honour.
On the way down we saw a super-cool guy in a vintage car – wearing the most excellent leather gauntlets and all leather old-fashioned gear.
Then we visited some of my family en-route.
Later, to kill some time, (we didn’t want to arrive at the party before the birthday boy knew – our arrival would have given the game away) we stopped off for a quick drink at a pub which I knew had an historical family link. We discovered that my Great Grandfather had been the publican of it the 1890’s and 1900’s. We found it for sure when I spotted an old photo on the wall and after enlarging it on my camera saw that the man in the picture posing on the front step of the pub was my Great Grandfather – his name emblazoned on the pub sign-age. WOW! What a thrill.

Mr Cool…… My cousin’s little girl – the gorgeous Annabel…. My Great Grandfather….

The evening was magic. The party was superb and hosted by a good friend of the birthday boy. A superb live band (Sean et al), a bouncy castle (for kids and childlike grown-ups!), great food and copious drink. A very special evening. Loads of tents pitched in the gardens and more fun than should be allowed.
Chrissy and her birthday boy…. Sean of the band….. Adam and Sarah…. Bouncing….

Lolly + her big bruv Adam…. Birthday boy Chris and his sons…. Luke joined the band…Hector bouncing….

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 13 Aug 2008

Il pleut beaucoup tous les jours!

Still raining and it gets worse each day.

Work is bonkers… I’m drowning in balls I can no longer keep in the air. At least the tasks are nice to do – creative and website design stuff.

Toots getting better and Frank getting madder. He discovered the pleasures of being in a laundry basket. It was very funny.

Hector was concentrating hard on his work too…

At least the plants don’t need watering.

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 09 Aug 2008

il pleut beaucoup

rain. again.

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 08 Aug 2008


Tootsie had her spaying op today. It was sad to find out that she had been pregnant again already – as much as 5 weeks. I don’t really want to think about it; the vet couldn’t have known really until they began the op. She’s home now and a bit lethargic – quite rightly so. She’ll need some TLC for a few days. It is sad though that there were 5 kittens….

photos:flm:more Fi | 05 Aug 2008

365 photo project

Last month I started a project of a photo a day for a year and displayed on Flickr. The photos must be taken on the day they are assigned, though thats my own rule. See the full set here….


outdoors Fi | 05 Aug 2008

Tuscany or Eden Valley

The world was so lovely this morning, mist rising up from the river in swirls, a sky of crystal shimmering blue, fields full of gold and green.

Sky in the morning (365/53)

One shot of the Eden Valley is more like an image from Tuscany.

Tuscany or Eden Valley?

A few hours later and it was grey and rainy. Ahhhh, the English summer. Blissful.

fauna Fi | 04 Aug 2008

perfect tiny

We found this intricate and perfect tiny birds nest on the front doorstep.
Intricate perfection (365/50)

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 03 Aug 2008

some summer and a weekend

Back to work this week after 2 weeks holiday. Wasn’t so bad really – it only took 4 days to reply to the 186 legitimate (as opposed to spam) emails.
Weather is mostly really wet and muggy. Makes sleeping difficult. Monsoon season in England?
We’re having a good weekend – pottering and getting stuff done. Ross is here for a few days and is not keen to do much of anything except watch TV, but he did make some really good home-made beef burgers with me and joined H and I at the pub for an hour and some word games. Was a lot of fun. We’re going to get to see a film some time while he’s here too.
Hector spent a couple of hours cleaning the soft top roof of my car and I did the rinsing and the rest of the bodywork – a pleasant thing to do together.
This morning Hector made us all breakfast. Its the first time too! Bacon and eggs – the whole nine yards! He even looked like he was enjoying it….