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fun:friends &Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 28 Jul 2008

proud auntie Fi

My gorgeous niece Clare – superb horsewoman and great girl. She’s competing in the National Championships in a few weeks. We’re very proud of her. Most weekends I get a text or piccie text with news of yet more rosettes won and her accomplishments.

fun:friends Fi | 28 Jul 2008

Airshow or fairshow?

Sunday 27th July.
I was still not too well, but determined to enjoy a long-planned trip to the Sunderland Airshow. LOVELY weather and a nice drive up there. HUGE traffic jams to get to the Park & Ride and when we got there – along with literally hundreds of thousands of others – there was a sea fret which meant that there could be no air display at all. We had a wander around the packed site and Fairground, all the RAF stuff, some planes and a good deal of people watching. I even had candyfloss. A nice hour or so and a picnic. Later on we joined the longest bus queue in the world for the bus back to the car park and an even more pleasant drive home, via Durham and the Tees Valley villages. Low setting sun and a stop off at a nice pub in Cotherstone for a drinky. A perfect last day together before I had to go back to work after my 2 weeks holiday.
A few of the pics from our day….

My fave pic of the day… Well… they shouldn’t have sat under that sign should they? I HAD to take the pic.
Plus, just part of the massive fair site, and some pics of Hector (VERY Top Gun!), and a plane or two.
Well - they shouldn't have sat there. How could I NOT take their picture in front of that sign?! (365/44)Plethora of bouncy fun
Oh - its TOO too much! Leave me alone....Harrier and lighthouseMy Top Gun? Oh yes sir!

fun:friends Fi | 24 Jul 2008

pretty toesies afoot!

Another great use of a holiday day… Sally and I had a treat this morning. A trip to the Spa for a swim, steam, sauna and whirlpool followed by a pedicure. Oh my goodness – we’re turning into Ladies that Lunch! IT WAS BLISS!

The only downer is that I’m fighting a bad chest again, my voice has gone, my chest is sore and tight. We don’t want a repeat of last winters really bad episode and the resultant week in bed.

fun:friends Fi | 23 Jul 2008

big city

Got the train to Manchester to see my good friend Debs who lives with her hubby James in the city centre. They are expecting their first baby any day. We had a VERY long girlie lunch and a chance to really catch up. It was a lovely day.

James and Debs (365/39)

fun:friends Fi | 22 Jul 2008

big yellow thing in the sky

FINALLY a sunny and warm day! I am still on holiday from work so after doing some unpacking of camping gear I snoozed in the garden before we went over to Sallys for a BBQ with them and lots of friends and fellow Brampton Live folks. A really enjoyable evening. I’d have some pics more than this – IF my camera battery had not failed.

Boys at a BBQ (365/38)

music:festivals Fi | 21 Jul 2008

heandfi brampton no. 3

We won’t mention the weather… it was grim and wet and rainy and mud everywhere! I SAID!.. we won’t mention the weather! SO – aside from the weather it was a great weekend. Highlights were Seth Lakeman, Show of Hands, Demon Barbers, Les Barker, Dragonsfly and Richard Thompson. I was reviewing it as usual and had my list of what I had to cover, but luckily the list was mostly what I wanted to see. Our third Brampton together – wow! Our scribbled-on programme! then….. Some over-the-top (literally) security……. Richard Thompson……. Show of Hands – Miranda Sykes…. Tent before the flood….. Muddy marquee….. Show of Hands – Steve Knightley…..The divine Les Baker……


ott_security.gif richard_thompson.gifshow_of_hands.gif

When Richard Thompson had closed the festival we hot-footed it home where I stayed up ’til 3 in the morning to write the review to send it by 8 a.m. and do the rest during the day.

outdoors &Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 15 Jul 2008

Gormley day!

A WONDERFUL day out to Crosby and St. Helens to see Gormley art. The sun came out and the Another Place figures at Crosby Beach were a delight.
Antony Gormley and Gormless! (a good pun but not true! Sorry He!), My very muddy and sandy toesies, One of the 100 in He’s woolly hat.
antony-gormless.gifdirty-toes.gifhes-woolly-hat.gif 'Another Place' the Antony Gormley figure, Crosby Beach'Another Place' the Antony Gormley figures, Crosby Beach'Another Place' the Antony Gormley figure, Crosby Beach

Then we went to St. Helens to see Gormley’s Field for the British Isles in its original home town. Its been a hugely inspirational artwork for me and has given me real pleasure and energy for sculpture. This is the pavement sign in St Helens to lead you to the Gormley thing.

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 14 Jul 2008

changing rooms a la HeandFi

We got a new bedroom. Two days painting and building flat pack chests. Dismantled the old (1920s) dressing table that was my grandparents and used its lovely old mirror above the fireplace.
Its all looking very inviting now.

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 14 Jul 2008

freedom for frank (sinatra)

He’s got his pass to go out alone… so far he’s not straying far from the house and LOVES climbing in the wisteria.
Go away. I'm busy....being a climbing kitten.  (365/31)Which way is up? I'm a bit tangled up....SO?!!!

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 13 Jul 2008

changing rooms?

We’re taking some holiday time… He is decorating the bedroom and I’m doing whatever he tells me! We’ll have one day out – to see Gormley’s Another Place at Crosby Beach on Merseyside.
At the end of the week its one of our favourite things – the Brampton Festival. Can’t wait.

fun:friends Fi | 13 Jul 2008

Stardom for Jess and her dancing friends

He and I went along to see Jess at her Disney dance show. She and all the other girls were brilliant. Afterwards was a drinky and chocs at Sally and Campbells. As usual in their company it was great fun. Sally and I even booked a pedicure and Spa session for later this month.
Jess as Chimney SweepShowtime! (365/29)No stage frightDancers dress in the spotlight

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 10 Jul 2008

Class act!

My good friend Heather and her husband Alex have a VERY talented son. Rob is making a real name in acoustic music circles. He has a real talent. It’d be a crime if he didn’t get seriously well-known.

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 05 Jul 2008

2 : 8 : 24 : 104 : 730 : 17,520 : 1,051,200 : 63,072,000

The second anniversary of when we met….

A special meal tonight at a pub we’ve been meaning to try for ages.


PS. SOMEONE… had a night out with his old friends last night and got somewhat hammered. An incident in a taxi will have to be put down to experience. Not funny for him, but very funny to me!

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 04 Jul 2008


too much work to do… too many hours at the office…. too many chefs spoiling the broth… too many chores… too many people to worry about…. too many CATS to think about….. ALWAYS too much ironing in the basket…. too many days of rain…. too many things to organise…. too few flowers…. too many grey hairs… too little sleep… too much gloom and doom in this slowly collapsing country of ours… too little consideration and respect….

Yep. I’m fed up.

I want to be on soft grass, by a stream, in sunshine, on a pile of cushions, in the dappled shade of a lovely tree, with a brand new book to read, with a supply of goodies to eat and drink, bare feet that are dipped into the cool water, with no one else for miles around and the sound of only birds and the water trickling.

fun:friends Fi | 01 Jul 2008

happy birthday Jody

It was a day for their family and friends to celebrate the first birthday of Hector’s brother Vinny and his wife Janine’s daughter Jody. We really enjoyed seeing everyone and the weather was good enough by the time we got there for everyone to be outside in their lovely garden. We had got stuck in a 2.5 hour stationary traffic jam on the A1M and were late arriving. Despite that and another disappointing tarnishing event it was a lovely afternoon.
Jody and her Mum…
He and his Mum, He likes beer and Jodys lovely big sister….