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fun:friends Fi | 29 Jun 2008

dinner with friends – special

While He was working away this week I took the chance to have an evening with Sally and a LOVELY dinner together before a walk in the field behind their house and some time with their daughter Jessica, and fun on the trampoline at the top of the garden. A very special evening.
Tree in the field and view from Sally’s house….
One tree hillLazonby Village from....?  GWUK Pool

Jess is a demon trampolinist and a lovely subject for a quick portrait shot…. Sally wasn’t so sure about bouncing up and down after a 3-course dinner.
....UP....     (365/12)Flippin' lovely fun
A glance from Jessica"Jess, NOOO, Jess, STOOOOP!"

outdoors Fi | 21 Jun 2008

summer solstice at long meg stone circle

We did it! By 4 am we were at Long Meg stone circle (with a couple of dozen other folks and a herd of cows – strategically placed there by the farmer who I imagine hopes they’ll put off solstice revelers!)

I’d had a few of hours in bed but He said that if he went to bed there would be not way he could get up at 3.30 for a sunrise – he didn’t quite get the whole spiritual summer solstice at standing stones thing – so it was above the call of duty to go with me!

It was a gorgeous, clear and bright morning and a delight to see the mist in the Eden Valley and the golden light.

The sunrise was lovely. Very lovely.

Long Meg at 4 am summer solstice Sunrise - from Long Meg - summer soltice
Over the fields... just after sunrise Just before dawn - view from Long Meg - summer solstice He watching the sunrise Golden Dawn - Summer Solstice

The naked man running through the stones shouting “Welcome Sunrise” was the icing on the cake – a real shame I hadn’t got my zoom lens!
There's always one....

fun:friends Fi | 20 Jun 2008

for Sally and her Mum

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 20 Jun 2008

family planning for cats

Toots is booked in to the vets for early next week, an early morning check-up and, if she’s OK, she will stay there for the day to be spayed. I’m feeling guilty already! But its got to be done. The kittens have been a wonderful experience and surprise, but it’s got to have been a once-in-a-lifetime thing.
Before her op she and Sinatra have to separated so she, hopefully, stops producing milk. He is now residing in the dining room (was Ross’ room) and isn’t too happy. Tootsie is prowling and howling for him. Its gonna be a LOOONG few days!
Separating them didn”t work at all, but we persevered. Toots was full of milk, so I used the vet appointment to get Frank checked and inoculated. Toots will be done soon though.

fun:friends &outdoors Fi | 19 Jun 2008

fair-weather hippies

Mid-summer on Saturday and we’re planning to see the sun rise at Long Meg Stone Circle. OBVIOUSLY it depends on the weather! So, its up at 3.30 am! MAD!

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 18 Jun 2008

our ‘ouse

Looking Out + In

music:festivals &outdoors Fi | 17 Jun 2008

June jaunt to North East

Sunday – heading up to Gateshead Sage to see Eric Bibb in concert became a really good excursion. We set off early and up over Hartside pass and Alston,

The bikers road up Hartside

….then over to Hexham and while He sat in the car I had a wander around Chesters Nursery and Walled Garden. GLORIOUS! It’s famous for its herbs, but its all lovely. The scent of the place is pure heaven and I came out floating on a cloud of floral well-being. I bought an antique cast iron calf feeder. Weirdness indeed but an interesting ‘thing’ for the garden.

Water garden surround HavenWhispy Tinys in a grate

Then a hop along the milltary road just north of the A69 and into Newcastle and Gateshead. We went to the Baltic (of course) and enjoyed bright afternoon sun, a walk over the Millennium Bridge and a drink on the quayside with a view over the Baltic, Sage and the multi-storey car park made iconic by the Michael Caine film Get Carter…..

From the Baltic Nesting in style Inside the Baltic looking out Sage glass Iconic multi-storey - Get WHO?

….before going to the Sage to see Mr Bibb – who was, as ever, brilliant, though he forgot the words to a first song and then the electrics all went weird and it took a while to sort out. He graced our ears with lots of new material and all my favourites. He later introduced his daughter to join him on stage to sing. Lovely voice.

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 13 Jun 2008

run ragged

All we seem to be doing these last couple of weeks is kitten and cat care and work and chores and – for Hector – watching footie.

I’ve been getting more active in Flickr with photos, seeing other peoples’ work etc. It’s inspiring and I’m learning a lot. Been getting some great comments on my own pictures too.

Sinatra (or Frank as he’s becoming known – esp. by Hector) is in a bonkers phase. He’s tearing around like a mad thing, but still almost unbearably cute when calm or asleep. Tootsie is trying to show him how to kill rabbits, mice and birds. I find it distressing and have tried to rescue captured bunnies; with varying degrees of success.

Weather isn’t awfully summery yet. ;-( and the wisteria is taking a battering so it isn’t a good year for its fabulously frondulous fragrant flowers.

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 05 Jun 2008

Peasmold aka Henry Pickle and Lollykins party

Peasmold is now called Henry Pickle and is living happily with Lis who had a great 70th birthday party 24th May and collected Henry two days later. A week later Lotte and David collected Olive and Tom. Did I cry? A little, but it was also liberating and there is a sense that things can get back to normal again and we can concentrate on Sinatra (H calls him Frank) and prising Giacomo from his other woman!
After Olive and Tom had left we drove over to Lincolnshire to go to Lollys’ housewarming party. It was a lovely bash and her house is GORGEOUS! It was wonderful to see everyone again.
Sinatra and Tootsie are settling to being just the two of ’em.
...and then there was one...Kitten wrestling?

Lolly and her Mum, Chrissy – my best friend. And some pictures of approaching summer!
Chrissy, Lolly and Lolly's Bugperfect papaver face
Across the Eden Riveranother of irisFurled up