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outdoors &photos:flm:more Fi | 27 Feb 2008

multitudinous starlings

Along with Sally and Jessica I FINALLY got to see the amazing display of starlings… this is my film of it.

Some photos:

fauna &outdoors Fi | 23 Feb 2008

a bit of a wild STARLING chase

Determined to see the majestic spectacle of a huge flock of starlings near Gretna we went late in the afternoon, got some gen from Tourist Info and parked up. While not seeing the expected huge flocks of starlings we got the car well and truly stuck in the mud of a verge near Gretna. On first trying to reverse out I had the window open and got plastered with mud. Funny? Oh yes! After trying a picnic rug under the stuck wheel to no avail, we tried digging around it and putting piles of dry sticks in – again no luck. We eventually got rescued by a red-haired Knight in a not-so-shining Volvo.

We saw a few small pods of the birds and in the distance larger flocks but not what I’d hoped for. Hey ho.

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 19 Feb 2008

cold ears + cool driving

The sun is out and its freezing but I’m driving around with the top down on the car. Cold ears and nose aside – feels great. Can’t wait for the summer.

fauna Fi | 16 Feb 2008

too too TOO cute

Found this pic on the web. Aren’t they just cuter than cute? Want one!

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 13 Feb 2008

time to get down into the soil

The fifth clear-skied, crystal-aired and sunny day in a row and apparently more to follow right up through the weekend. Fab! This year our garden will have some sprucing-up changes – time to pull out some stuff and put in some late flowering and blousey plants e.g. Dahlias. I know its only February but I saw someone cutting their lawn last night so I think its time to do the same. Can’t wait to get stuck in!

fun:friends &photos:flm:more Fi | 11 Feb 2008

Sally + Fi (Thelma + Louise?) : laydees wot do tea

A belated joint 50th birthday treat for Sally and I and a GORGEOUS day with spectacular weather and open top car (1st time with lid down and wrapped up like two Grannies) to the world famous, exquisitely luxurious, Sharrow Bay Hotel for afternoon tea. BLISS!
We got the time wrong and were one hour early so took LOADS of photos while we waited. (The picture of the hotel seen from the lake was not taken by us….)
See them, here on FLICKR
What a view it was!
Sharrow is as a delicious place – perfect setting, fantastic décor and food that can only be described as bliss. Afternoon tea is a massive undertaking – you need a very empty tummy. The hotel more than deserves its worldwide accolades and we are very lucky to live close by.
We started with dry sherry in the lounge and had perfect sandwiches, toasted teacakes, scones with cream and jam, shortbread, cream cakes and lemon cake and more! And the tea was perfect – in delightful china.

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 09 Feb 2008

trouble with tootsie and a wedding ‘do’

A scary 24hours. Friday morning. Tootise was in a bad way when I got up yesterday morning – stiff and shaking like a leaf, eyes blinking very fast, pupils flaring and not able to control her movements. I had a dreadful feeling it was a bad reaction to some flea killing stuff I put on her neck the night before – a thought borne out by a phone call to an on-duty vet and confirmed at tea time when she was no better and I took her to the vets surgery. It was definitely neurological damage caused by the applied flea killer. She was poorly in the car and seemed even worse when I got her home. It was awful to see her in such a state. I felt sick with guilt at what I had done to her but by late evening she was perking up and this morning seems fine again and has eaten herself into looking like a little barrel. Phew.. Of the two cats, Giacomo and Tootise, Toots has been the cause of more than plenty worry and trauma. Bless her….

She was much better on Saturday morning so we were able to go to the Peak District for a wedding reception for a colleague of Hector’s. The weather was perfect and we had a great time. I met loads of his colleagues from Sheffield and, of course, the Bride and Groom. We stayed in the village of Foolow and visited the Plague Village of Eyam nearby. Interesting history and a nice wander around. A very pleasant few hours.

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 06 Feb 2008

twins have arrived

The new sofa twins have arrived today and the really helpful delivery men put them in place and cleared up too. They look pretty good to me!

fun:friends Fi | 03 Feb 2008

quiz master general makes our night

Hector is such a great name, but after last night he has new ones…. Quiz Master General and B**t**d!
After postponing our New Year celebration with Chris and Fiona coz both Fiona and I were poorly, we reconvened yesterday. The four of us went to the Spa for a few hours of swim, whirlpool, steam room and chilling and, for the boys, watching Rugby on TV. Fiona and I swam and the boys gossiped and gossiped and gossiped… A lovely time had by all. Dinner was winter food of beef in beer, lovely cheesecake and lots of wine! Hector (now to be called Quiz Master General) had put together a brilliant quiz. All of it TV music intros in categories – sport, childrens, drama, 80s etc. It was brilliant! Laughed til I had hiccups. Instead of playing against each other we three collaborated and tried to get a score of 80%, but only managed 64%-ish. Chris was most impressed/dismayed with the questions and the evening was punctuated by him calling Hector a b**t**d. Funny? Oh yes? We’ve gotta do it again! Its always a great time with Chris and Fiona.

Us, Rosie Posie Poodle and Frank Cat Fi | 01 Feb 2008

new stuff

After managing on small, uncomfortable, old and somewhat shabby (though much-loved) sofa and chairs in the lounge (left over from my living here on my own) we had to do something about getting more comfortable…. So, I gave the credit card a severe bashing and ordered us a pair of leather sofas. Can’t wait for them to arrive.